December 17, 2013

We’re Really Out Here

Benefit album to help the homeless of Portland OR. Featuring Bloodmoney, BeOnd, Uncommon Nasa, Alwayz Prolific, Gajah & Mute Speaker, Walter Gross, and Dust.

This is a benefit album to help the homeless of Portland, Oregon who this winter, are in immediate need of gloves and hats while out here on these cold streets. EVERY dollar made from your purchase of this record, will go toward Transition Projects, which is one of the largest homeless services providers who run several shelters, and transitional housing facilities.

We all forget, as we walk around in our jackets, hoodies, gloves and warm coffees in hand, that there are those struggling out on the streets, with next to nothing to keep them warm, and healthy while they are out there. Take that next Latte, or lunch out, and give to our brothers and sisters out there in need.