Third Verse: Episode 3 – Yy        

We spoke with long time Peanuts and Corn recording artist Yy about his new record An Uneven Eleven, being a Dad, Winnipeg and Saskatoon rap scenes, Your Brother in My Backpack and a lot more.  

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Yy – An Uneven Eleven

Brand new album from Yy out today on Peanuts & Corn Records! Produced by mcenroe, who also has guest vocals along with Vibe Richards, Bazooka Joe, Pip Skid, Rob Crooks, Gumshoe Strut and Birdapres.

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Yy – “Innovative” prod. by mcenroe

New two song single from Yy, produced by mcenroe. Off of Yy’s upcoming full-length An Uneven Eleven dropping next month on ...

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Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix)

Fan-made tribute mix to Peanuts & Corn, one of the most important record labels in Canadian rap history. Compiled by Pseudzero, ...

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The Renfrew Few (mcenroe + Alvaro Rojas + Jan Tingstad)

Brand new project by mcenroe (raps/sings/beats) featuring his friends Alvaro Rojas (guitar) and Jan Tingstad (vocals).

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mcenroe – and the bad sleep well

New 4-song mcenroe EP recorded around the same time as his Burnt Orange album. Raps and beats by mcenroe. Guitar by ...

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Def3 – “Babyface” (Prod. by Factor)

Second video from the new Def3 album Wildlif3, out now on Urbnet, produced by Factor. Directed by mcenroe.

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mcenroe – Burnt Orange

New mcenroe album!

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Park-Like Setting + UGSMAG #TBT from 2000

John Smith and mcenroe way back in July of 2000 after a Park-Like Setting show in Edmonton.

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Pip Skid – “Shirley Temple” (feat. B-Flat of the Lytics)

New video for an Aries produced track from Pip Skid’s People Are The Worst album. Directed by mcenroe.

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Moka Only – “Sleeping Dogs”

Video from Moka’s new album, Airport 6, out today on Urbnet. Directed by mcenroe.

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John Smith – “Thirstday”

From John Smith’s new mcenroe produced album, Ol’ Man Winter, out July 24th, pre-order here. Thirstday by John Smith @SmittyMyBro

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