April 28, 2009

2 New Tracks From Max Prime & Marc Pause

Marc Pause & Max Prime

Two tracks have been leaked from the soon to be free Max Prime & Marc Pause Promo EP which will invade the internet this Spring.

Download “I’m Back!”
Download “Back to Basics”

www.maxprime.ca | www.giveupthegoods.com

2 New Tracks From Max Prime & Marc Pause

12 Responses

  1. Wow…this is a GREAT combonation. MP and MP? Killer meets killer – keep it coming, I’m excited to hear this one!

    I really dig that you’re not always rappin’ about metaphysics and akido, Max. Great work.

  2. Max is on to some serious shit right now. Y’all ain’t ready haha.

    Good to see Marc Pause at it.

  3. thanks for checking em out!

    max is not playing around, biggups to him for some serious respond/react action.


    ima drop a shameless plug in here


    (Mr Vegas, Lindo P,Sizzla, Collie Buddz, Charly Black,Jah Knight, I-Octaine, Chezidek, +More)

  4. Expect a few shows in Edmonton the next couple months. Thanks for the respect, we’re gonna do this up big.

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