October 28, 2010

Aamir – Within All This Silence

Aamir - Within All This Silence

Download: http://palliumcortex.com/mixtapes/within.zip

Free album/mixtape from Aamir (of Escape Artists), featuring 2Mex, Awol One, Scarub (Living Legends), The All Deadly Jizzm, Gel Roc, Ellay Khule and more. Within All This Silence is a precursor to Aamir’s new album dropping in late 2010. Brought to you by No Threshold Records.

1. Saddness (produced by D*tracks)*
2. The Son Rose (produced by Eraze The Borders)*
3. Peripheral Pulse feat. Escape Artists (produced by Xczircles)
4. Headless Penguins feat. Xczircles & Materpfahl (produced by Eraze the Borders)
5. Solitude of Man (produced by D*tracks)
6. Lets Break free feat. The Impressionists (produced by Guidebook)*
7. Free of Will feat. Gelroc & Dj Roach (produced by Xczircles)
8. Space Between (produced by Dj Extend)*
9. Headstrong feat. Ellay Khule, Jizzm, Awol One, Gelroc, 2mex, Xczircles & Dj Roach (produced by Xczircles)
10. Heartfelt Rhymes feat. Elum (produced by Guidebook)
11. Quiet After The Storm feat. Scarub, Like Minded & Dj Bizkid (produced by Weedafresh)*
12. Matters of The Heart (produced by Dj Extend)*
13. Steps Upon Steps (produced by Le Parasite)*
14. Clear as Day and Night feat. Thorts(produced by Proph 1)
15. Tell Me Something New (produced by Guidebook)*
16. Transient feat. Sons of Mammal (produced by Dj Extend)
17. Incomprehensible (produced by Guidebook)*
18. Caged Thought feat. Plunge (produced by Dj Extend)
19. Mechanical Hearts Pt. 2 feat. Trex & Amnesia (produced by Dj Arkane)*
*unreleased/exclusive track

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    1. The download system they have is stupid and never actually emails you the link like it says it will. The link instead just shows up on the page after you click ‘send email’ and of course leave the site before noticing. I switched the link to the actual zip file now.

  1. Noyz…thanks homie for putting this up. I appreciate it.

    These songs are songs that either never saw the light of day or have been featured on other artists albums. It’s more a collection of songs than anything else, I hope there is something here that you may enjoy. Would love to read feedback regardless of positive or negative.

    I apologize for the download process not being easy, but we are learning as we go.

    Doogie…I too hope for an Ahmuse album soon 🙂 BTW did Brad ever send you a copy of the new Escape Artists album?

    blessings to all!

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