Nov 12, 2010

ADD? & Deeskee – Sounds Of Thought [videos + album]


ADD? & Deeskee - Sounds Of Thought

ADD? & Deeskee – Sounds Of Thought featuring guest raps from 2Mex, Alpha MC, Matre, and Stacey Dee. Videos directed by Outlier.


  1. Avatar Mike

    I got this album earlier this week from Deeskee and have had it on bump ever since. Dope through and through. Every thing about this album is on point. The song with Matre is off the hook.

  2. this is super fresh. bumpin all day!!! sick videos .,., how do i get a hard copy?!?! of the album,,,,

  3. Avatar Deeskee

    dope! i’m glad you’re all feelin’ it! you can get the CD at

  4. yo! this album is waay sick this dude is jus popin up in tha scene but i know he will be a household name.. diggin that track Faith and Def. Diggin that album art.. dope shit!

    check out this dope blog–>

  5. Avatar Mike

    You can now get this album on Itunes as well.

  6. Avatar cigarette

    Sick ass phuck –
    real sounds

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