May 25, 2014

Bike For Three! – “You Can Be Everything”

From their So Much Forever album on Fake Four Inc.

Sun and the rain. One in the same. Builder,
Destroyer. Bewildered. Enlightened and filtered.
Impure. Virgin. Lover and fighter.
Undiscovered. The wrong-doer and the writer.
Survivor and casualty. Tenderness, brutality.
Wicked and pious. Bias and neutrality.
Fire and water. Hotter and colder.
The object of effection and the eye of the beholder.

With this love you can be everything.

Alpha and omega. Judge, jury, executioner.
Straight line and cycle. Michael and Lucifer.
Broken and flawless. Lawless and under control.
Lessons and increases. Pieces and the whole entire thing…

Prophet and profiteer. The victor and the loser.
Victim and abuser. The accused and the accuser.
Positive, negative. The alien and native.
Terrifying, seductive. Destructive and creative.
Provider and recipient. Master and slave.
Observer, participant. Disciplined. Depraved.
Brave and afraid. Prisoner and jailer.
Covered up. Undressed. Success and failure.
Legend and unknown. Day-dreamer. Sleepwalker.
Amnesiac. Soothsayer. Truth teller and sweet-talker.
The young and the old. Mistake-maker and good person.
The scarecrow and the jet-setter. It gets better. Could worsen.
Much more. A lot less. Supporter and contrarian.
Routine and improvised. Civilized. Barbarian.
Beginner and expert. Believer and skeptic.
Peripheral and central. Gentle and hectic.
Whisperer, screamer, drifter and dreamer.
Weak and indestructible. Virtuous. Corruptible.
Worshipped and hated. Timeless and dated.
Focused and faded. Disgraced and decorated.
Happy and unsatisfied. In a crowd and all alone.
Scared as hell. Parallel universe to call our own.
Taking it with me. Supplying and deprived.
Alone in our own beds, dying and alive.

Two places at the same time. Under and above
And in between wonder and in love.
Unanswered questions. The truth in our heart of hearts.
Never and always. Together and far apart.

Music written and produced by Joëlle Lê (Greetings From Tuskan)
Lyrics written and performed by Rich Terfry (Buck 65)