Sep 9, 2008

Buck 65 Vinyl Week at Werner von Wallenrod’s Humble Little Hip-Hop Blog


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  1. Nice… I enjoyed reading those. Buck’s rap on Stolen Bass, “If you can’t stand the thought of a sucking chest wound / you better get yourself a motherfucking vest soon,” was the first example of a multi-syllable rhyme that I ever noticed and freaked me out at the time. I’ve got the maroon 7″ and that one never leaves my collection. An important part of my collection.

    I sort of disagree with the discussion on Sebutonedef that Sixtoo has difficulty holding his own with Rich and comparing him in essence to Ced Gee to Buck’s Kool Keith. I think that’s an unfair comparison for Sixtoo. I thought they were both equally dope on this 12″ and agree that it’s the best work they’ve done combined.

    As for the Wildlife 12, Weirdo Magnet was incorrectly attributed to Hand’Solo Records. It was actually Four Ways to Rock back when it was Buck’s label. He also points out that Buck has the date wrong for the release of this record. He’s sort of half right. The date on the 12″ is listed as 1998 but it actually came out on the very same day as Moka/Sixtoo’s Crystal Senate 12″, which is labeled as 1997. They both happened to be released very close to the end of 1997 and a different date was put on each for whatever silly reason…

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