April 21, 2009

Cavalier – “MC Killa”

Cavalier - "MC Killa"

Digital single from new RadioBelly artist Cavalier, “MC Killa,” produced by Junk Science’s Snafu and b/w “Caviat” prod. by Shaka King aka Mauby Bitters.

Download here: http://radiobelly.com/downloads/MC_KILLA.zip

9 Responses

  1. Wow, a little information oveload there..fuckme! I dont know radio belly, dont know Cavalier, dont know JunkScience, dont know Snafu, dont know Shaka King(gay name though! haha) Does anyone know how to pick a fuckin rap name nowadays

    1. Junk Science are on Definitive Jux, maybe you’ve heard of it. Snafu is their DJ/producer. RadioBelly puts out free music from those dudes.

    2. Does anyone know how to use the fuckin internet nowadays? Fucko, try clicking some links, search, etc… the internet is not a logical place to complain about your lack of knowledge.

  2. I think I lean more towards ignorant!! haha lack of knowledge..pfffff. Def Jux has been on a downhill slide for years now. Im quite positive that most of their fans are now EMO fags like you guys, and not real hiphop heads.

    I love how ever fagbag on this site thinks they know sooo fuckin much because they found some undiscovered douche baggle w/cream cheese to dick ride because no one else knows who they are! Im sure the dudes who posted in this thread are about the only fans these guys have.

    1. DAMN!!! i must been in a shitty mood lately..apologies if anyone is insulted..but after hearing a few Cavalier joints I think dude is aiight! but just aiight. My Jux statement still stands! haha

    2. hahaha “I love how every fagbag on this site….” that was hilarious. “fagbag” hahaha cracks me up. I’m stealin it.

  3. Pause all that cream cheese on your dick shit. Cavalier is a real MC. http://www.cavwins.com. Shaka King isn’t a dudes rap name either. It’s his fuckin name, and he’s a BEAST on the tracks. Don’t like his name, you could tell his paps about it, but I doubt he gives a fucko what u think. Shhhh…listen!