March 9, 2009

Chadio & Azrael – Bangers & Mash

Chadio & Azrael - Bangers & Mash

Imaginations Treetrunk crew have released two mixtapes, both titled Bangers & Mash by Chadio and Azrael. Featuring rappers Cons, Kaboom, Shay Faded, EpedeMIC, The Gumshoe Strut, Fatt Matt & more! Plus producers Aalo Guha, Zach W, Kaboom, Kevarnold, & more!

Download here:

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  1. i dunno. we got one of the beats from my album playing in the background…..

    people have said the mixtapes are good….mantrakid says…

    “You can use this as my “Mantrakid” quote. 🙂

    Azreal kills it Fatt Matt & Ira kill it. Zach W destroys it. Chadio fucking starts war and wins with it, and Aalo Guha is like the mighty lord looking down upon it all with a half-smile”

    i think the mixtapes are pretty good
    max prime liked em too.

    go team. rap team.

  2. No no I like them. I was just being a prick.
    I’ve been playing them since you first upped them in the forum, I think they’re spot on.

  3. ive got azrael’s version on my desktop and chadios on my lap top!
    listenin to azrael now!

  4. i’m liking the chadio album alot so far,it’s not as good as george harrison but is much better than tina turner

    if you’re down for rapping over wack dubstep you should buy the beats i made in 2006, if they had the greatest vocal of all time they would listenable, you can do it!

  5. i should have embellished but i was busy at work. i meant, for those of us who dont know your music, in a promo video like this, it would be more effective if you dropped in some snippets from your album.

    just to add a little flavor to it. it’s obviously to promote your music, but at the end… i was like, “so what do these dudes sound like.”

    i know, i could have researched but like i said i was at work peeping a quick video.

    anyway, just something to think about.

    ill peep ya’ll

  6. Sick!!!!!

    I will ALWAYS rep the treetrunk till i expire.

    my favorite crew of crews.

    fuck that. T-H-E crew of crews.

    what a posse.

  7. listening to chadios now.

    really reminds me of early 2000’s vancouver tapes i used to listen to alot when i was still in highschool.


    props again!

  8. ceej, ira, chapter – thanks for checking it out guys, it means a lot for real. i mean it like when you do something really shitty and then the authority figure goes “say it like ya mean it”. well i do.

    staas – i will never be able to make it to george harrison’s plateau, and im cool with that. the fact u think the album is better than t. turners speaks volumes about whats wrong with cheesburgers today and id love to hear your wack dubstep beats but i dont pay for things like that. feel free to send over something if u think i would suit it.

    and sadr – i totally hear you on being a little more descriptive with our commercial, for sure not everyone knows who we are and it would have been a prime opportunity to let people know but we were mad stoned, freestyling script and kind of felt uncomfortable not having any direction about what we were supposed to be doing which sort of gives the commercial this serious, retarded feeling. if u do take the time out to check the albums thanks, ive been a big endemik fan for years 😉


  9. finally got around to giving both versions a good listen. first i peeped azrael’s and thought that shit was ill as fuck and last night i just got through chadio’s a few times and i must say excellent job homies. i’ll be bumpin these for some time

  10. “getting all hypey like Mexican chicks with estrogen problems”



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