March 10, 2010

Circle Into Square Compilation [free download]

Circle Into Square Compilation [free download]


The first Circle Into Square (check our label spotlight) compilation is now available as a free download. The compilation features tracks by both new and “old” CIS artists, from both classic albums and upcoming ones for later this year.

Track Listing:
#1 The Harvey Girls / Hey Little Sprout!
#2 Big Spider’s Back / Perfect Machine
#3 Boy In Static / Toy Baby Grand
#4 Otem Rellik / Splinters
#5 Rickolus / Kid
#6 Cars & Trains / The Wires From my Broken Record Player
#7 Ill Mondo / Neal Rames / Spine Language
#8 / Surrogate Role Model
#9 Skating Club / Your August Machine
#10 The Consulate General / Halfday Honeymoon
#11 The Harvey Girls / A Letter to the Bees
#12 Helios / Distance
#13 Cars & Trains / Asleep on a Train (remix by Melodium)

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