Nov 4, 2009

Cognitive Ability (The Dirty Sample & Royal-T)



  1. Thanks for throwing this up Noyz.

  2. Avatar max prime


    can i buy it yet?

  3. not yet and I believe we’re gonna give it away!

  4. Avatar metawon

    like BLAD-OW!!!

  5. Avatar alter

    Ultramagnetic! Royal-T is tha bomb!

  6. the album will be out mad soon.

    make sure you check these out if you haven’t

  7. Avatar Ryno Kneel

    Im peepin the next Winnipeg show. My wife heard the album and things its time for her to cheack out Royal-T. This is the rawest hip-hop album I’ve heard in a while. Thanks Royal-T for continuously pumpin out new Sick tracks

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