Feb 22, 2011

D-Sisive – Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye

jonestown 2

Free download of the follow up to D-Sisives Jonestown album from 2009. The new album is produced mainly by Muneshine, with Timbuktu and Norman Krates handling the beats for a couple of tracks.


  1. joe

    D-Sisive is great. Love the album, UGSMAG need to plug him more.

  2. joe

    yeah now I think about it you do cover him pretty well. An interview would be great!

  3. Sarah

    Can you really get ENOUGH D-Sisive?
    I’ve been listening to him since The Book- I think this is my favourite so far.
    He’ll probably have another album ready to go in a couple months to knock this one off the top spot….

  4. max prime

    good shit. interesting stories

  5. Punkbastard Plex

    Dope album. Dude is amazing. He’s knocked off 4 albums in the time I’ve released 1. Looking forward to releasing my new one, which actually features D-sisive.

  6. the embedded player isnt showing up for me. im assuming its bandcamp?

    just wanted to let you know noyz

  7. Paul

    Insanity! This album made me laugh and cry.
    I’ve been bumping it non-stop- can’t get enough


    I tried putting together an interview with this guy and he didn’t want to do it. Them’s the breaks.

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