February 18, 2009

Dirty Digital – Shockah EP

Dirty Digital

Dirty Digital are Qwazaar of Typical Cats & Silence of outerLimitz. Shockah is a new 10 track free EP courtesy of LeftHouseRecordings.com

01. Swimming
02. Bigguns
03. Run On The Sun
04. Shockah w/ Dude-N-Nem
05. Sodapopinski w/ GLC
06. Turn Me Up
07. Grinding w/ Jaime Clemmons of Royce
08. Tila
09. Turn Me Up Remix By ScottFree
10. Yours Truly

Download the Dirty Digital – Shockah EP here


12 Responses

  1. Co-Sign that – Typical Cats is the shit. Walk Thru Walls is amazing. Hope this doesn’t go the way of some of the new Qwel material.

  2. Never expected to hear Quaazar on this kind of vibe. But I’m digging it. Typical Cats rule!!

  3. its decent. qwaazar raps his ass off. but it’d difficult for my brain to get into electro beats.

  4. thanks for the comments
    i know this is on some other shit
    but thats what we wanted
    cant make the same sounding music every rip
    so i know if you were expecting tc then prob disapointed
    but if you keep an open mind smoke an l and listen this shit will take you elsewhere.
    thanks again