Apr 21, 2008

Factor – Chandelier [drops July 22]


Look for Factor’s latest and greatest album Chandelier, dropping July 22nd in North America on Fake Four Inc. and June 6th on hue Records in Japan. Also look for the 7″ vinyl picture disc, Chandelier EP in June on Oohhh! That’s Heavy.

Factor - Chandelier

CD Tracklisting

01. Out Of The Same Thing feat. The Gaff
02. One Record
03. Home Again feat. Nomad
04. More Rude Than Handsome feat. Awol One
05. The Leen feat. Josh Martinez
06. Electric Furs of a Lynx feat. Noah 23
07. Moonlight feat. Josh Fischel
08. Lonely City feat. Moka Only
09. New Day
10. Time Of The Year feat. Sadat X
11. Good Old Smokey (My Kanine) feat. Myka 9
12. On My Way feat. Kirby Dominant and Kirby Criddle
13. Had It Made
14. I Tried To Tell You
15. Wait and See
16. Pray feat. Ceschi
17. 21 Chump Street feat. Cam The Wizzard
18. Year Of The Rat feat. Epic
19. Last Nights Dream

Factor - Chandelier EP

7″ Picture Disc EP Tracklisting

01. Out Of The Same Thing feat. The Gaff
02. More Rude Than Handsome feat. Awol One
03. The Leen feat. Josh Martinez

01. Good Old Smokey (My Kanine) feat. Myka 9
02. Time Of The Year feat. Sadat X
03. Pray feat. Ceschi


  1. Nolto

    Is it supposed to be “More Rude THAN handsome”??

    Aside from the lack of Nolto on this disc, it will be Factor’s best.

  2. I.P

    definately wanna hear the sadat x, moka only & myka 9 jawns.


  3. ceej

    Thats a killer tracklisting! I’m excited for this! Cover looks dope.

    The picture disc kinda looks like factor came in the dog’s face and the dog came in factor’s face, haha.

  4. professor defbeat

    the sadat x track is the best on here. i expected just a standard guest appearance put dude took alot of time and wrote a pretty well written track. and the flow awesome.

  5. Rewind

    yeah that sadat x track is really dope..
    ceschi, cam the wizzard, kirby dominant and myka 9 tracks are all crazy..
    this is definately his best album to date

  6. metawon

    Looking forward to this one.

  7. max prime


  8. i think this album will bust open the gates for fatcor that should have been opened let’s see….. on the ‘red all over’ album……….

    couldn’t be prouder or more excited for this release!

  9. Skizza

    This album is end-to-end terrific. Factor’s really outdone himself this time.

  10. von christoph

    this is gonna be huge.

  11. Royal-T

    dope shit, can’t wait to hear it

  12. Manaz

    Seriously can’t wait for this.
    Allthese chumps who’ve heard it already are telling me how good it is!

  13. so sick. factors the man!

  14. Lovely

    Looks good, just received the benny e factor cd in the mail and its hype, his instrumentals are great.
    thanks ugs mag!!

  15. Chaps

    Sick as in Slick!

  16. jayoh fellonious

    dope cover!

  17. max prime

    04. More Rude Then Handsome feat. Awol One

    is on the fake four inc sitee already

  18. The Chandelier 7″ will be available June 17th!

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