November 2, 2008

Grand Analog – “Touch Your Toes (Part 2)” feat. Kiyomi

Grand Analog – Touch Your Toes (Part 2) featuring Kiyomi. From the digital release Touch Your Toes (EP), original mix on the album Calligraffiti. Video directed by Marc-Andre Debruyne.

Grand Analog – “Around This Town”
Grand Analog Interview

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  1. I prefer this vid over the original, personally.
    I’ve known Garfield for years, and he’s always been cool with me, so I’ll agree to disagree on the “good guy” thing. The vid should be judged on its own merits.

  2. we need some spitz cameos!!! in the video..he is the one killing the streets right now…always packing the house on the tables!

  3. ^^^^^ agreed spitz is the friggin man. he was freestyling on stage at deepcity holla this year and it was dope too, dude still got it. we’re gonna hound him and get him on track soon.

  4. This is great to see.

    First; my mother named me Odario. Pops wanted Garfield. Various teachers in grade school was attracted to Garfield for obvious reasons. Today, as a man, I prefer Odario.

    Second; Royal T and Ira Lee. You shouldn’t have done that. Just because I have personal issues with the both of you doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy. Let me begin by saying that I don’t know either of you personally, and it’s safe to say that I don’t care for your music either. But to open the doors of our personal issues online is just asking for trouble… and childish, and stupid, and not worth it.

    Royal T I stand behind everything I said about you and to you about DeepCity Holla. And Ira Lee you should have behaved differently in Montreal – and as an artist you should have known better.

    For the record, my music is my music. Love it or hate it. You’ve got one life to live and I’m having a great fucking time.

    Now… we can get into issues like taste, demographic, underground vs commercial, new school, old school. Music has changed drastically non? Personal shit aside, LET’S HAVE A REAL TALK. I politic about this shit everyday. Let’s get this convo started!!!!

    Who’s first?

  5. I’ll start …

    First of all I find it interesting that all the hater comments come from fellow artists (or emcees as we used to call ourselves). Then again, I’m not surprised. Guys, times have changed and I understand this site is a home for all of you to vent and voice your opinions. There are a few things I have to point out.

    I love hip hop… and so do most of you. I LOVED hip hop. So where is it now? 10 to 15 years ago I’m sure we would all agree on every hip hop release. We’d ache for it and praise it in unison. Today the music aspect of the culture has branched off in so many directions I bet two people in this UGSMag community probably won’t be able to agree on a single title out today. It’s so personal now, nobody cares about the shit you listen to but you. Is that a good thing or bad thing? So the question I pose the the artists on this page with such strong opinions is… Why do you make music and who do you intend on selling it to, performing it for and connecting it with? And lastly, what would you like to do with your music (fantasies and dreams included).

    Epic, I respect you. I think you are a stand-up dude and a real artist, a natural artist. The white haired white guy with his own thing going on. I have a couple of your CDs. You are intriguing. But to be honest, with the career choices I’ve made and this new direction in music… having you say this is ‘terrible’ let’s me further know I’m going in the right direction. Me trying to please you Epic would be impossible don’t you think?

    There is lots more to talk about here. Such as Prairie rap and why we behave the way we do. Other cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and recently Halifax and Edmonton have had serious shine as a scene on a national basis. Why can’t Winnipeg and Saskatoon get there? Maybe we don’t want to get there. Maybe if an emcee gets too close he’ll get burned by his peers. Maybe we are all so different we just can’t agree on two things. Maybe there is just no support.

    On that note I admire what UGSMag does- a whole lot. I want to make that very clear. Chaps and Noiyz and crew, I really admire the work put into this site and this community.

    oh and Heywoodjablome, you seemed like a really cool guy when we had dinner and Denny’s … not sure what happened there. I was just being honest. You shouldn’t take those things so serious.

    one more thing, Grand Analog will be on tour with The Herbaliser starting in Montreal Nov 12 and ending in Vancouver Nov 27. If you have any indication of what GA (or Herbaliser) is about live, you’ll know it will be a serious affair. Check my myspace for dates (Nestor is coming too!!!) See you there. Peace Love and Obama.

    Odario G

  6. oh and Heywoodjablome, you seemed like a really cool guy when we had dinner and Denny’s … not sure what happened there. I was just being honest. You shouldn’t take those things so serious.

    what happened was you dissed 3 of my good homies just cuz you can’t get over yourself.
    you should know better than to diss deepcave or ira to my face.

  7. Straddling the infinite continuum of perpetual mediocrity and disputing any criticisms to that obvious truth as ‘hate’, is a full time hustle.

    Over a decade you’ve made a relative impact on the evolution of generic, monosyllabic, commercial urban dance music in Canada.


    Have a cookie.

    Royal T and i make dope music for fun with our homies. For the record.

    Just remember to give me props while shad and i are busy talking through your set next time as well. it’s good politics.

  8. i’m out of line calling you a ‘bad guy’ i don’t know you. For that experience based deduction, I apologize.

    My comments pertain to your industry makeup.

  9. Heywood. I’ve said it to you, and I’ve said it to DeepCave. I think DeepCity Holla is a bad name for a music festival. It was my advice to them. Coming from the guy that put on Peg City Holla for 8 years – don’t you think I’m entitled to that opinion? I was trying to point out that if there are people out there that don’t care for DeepCave as a group, they may not attend their events based on that alone. It’s too self absorbed. That’s like me calling it MoodCity Holla. IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. I give those guys props for putting a festival on in the first place. Mad love for that, but I still think the name should be changed. My opinion. Heywood, I don’t think that’s a diss, sorry dude.

    and Ire Lee (if that’s your real name) … that was such a ridiculous answer I don’t know what to say to that … sorry your feelings are hurt, sorry I snapped at you in Montreal … and please don’t name drop Shad, it’s silly. Shad text me for the address for the show because he wanted to check it out. The second he walks through the door you were all over him like a groupie. And yes, after your poor attempt to retaliate treat I still shouted you out while on stage. I can’t stoop to your level sorry. Are you upset I said I don’t care for your music? Is that was this is about? Man up dude, that’s how it goes for artists that expose themselves Mr Lee (if that’s your real name).

    Odario G

  10. I’m a huge shad fan, i am huge shad groupie. Shad is the best rapper in Canada.

    You want to be constructive, your goal is to open up a dialogue, you have such a mature, objective, respectful and skilled individual just trying to do your thing? I think you’re actually right!

    Let’s settle this the Hip hop way.


    Let’s do this. Battle, dance battle, who can say the same word over and over again competition, whatever your goals are, i will spank you.

    I’m upset because you suck, are cheesy, and weak as a musician.

    Let’s compare skill.


    I’m waiting. Your move.

    One thing is clear.

  11. and i accept your apology. My feelings we’re hurt. They are hurt easily, and frequently.

    that’s what makes me such an incredible writer.

    EMO – tion.

  12. Shad text me for the address for the show because he wanted to check it out. The second he walks through the door you were all over him like a groupie.

    it’s funny that i name drop shad, and then you name drop him back. to prove i name drop him.

    i love it!

  13. i don’t actually think you’re a bad guy though cause i don’t even know you i just thought it was a funny thing to say. meh just touch your toes

  14. i think odario sums up this whole convo quite succinctly in addressing epic. some of us are looking for unique creativity and some of us are looking for blandness such as this video.

    just because i think someone like ira has more talent as a writer and performer in his pinky finger nail, doesnt have anything to do with hate.

    if someone with opposite tastes as you doesnt think your shit is dope that’s not even bad…

  15. Cool. This is great, I’m getting some steamy feedback! Well I hope we got most of this bullshit out and off our chest fellas. And no Ira Lee I will not waste any of my time battling you. Like you said, I’m too pop now. Feel free to write a diss record (hip hop style). As it’s been stated, you have more talent in your pinky fingernail than I do. Call it “I Hate Odario”. Or… “Garfield Sucks Ass”. They are both my real names… What’s yours? Seriously… I just want to know what your real name is. Dude, you are an incredible writer, but your beat selection is not my thing. I will give you this… DJ Redhead is a perfect addition to your stage show, she rocks.

    one more Shad drop for you… we’re doing a song together. It’s dope. It’s called Electric City. Keep an eye out.

    And yes Royal T, I do care. That’s why I put on Peg City Holla for so long. And now that I’ve moved on from it I’m just trying to give you guys some advice. I hear you guys had a decent year. If you want more people to come, I’d change the name and make it more inviting for everyone. It’s up to you guys and no longer my business.





  16. you want constructive cristicism??
    everything you have done since no hooks, was a waste of time.

    it is my understanding from talking with bear that the name deepcity holla was named that as a homage to pegcity holla.
    what more do you want???
    its not called deepcave holla.

    I was trying to point out that if there are people out there that don’t care for DeepCave as a group,
    then fuck them, if they don’t like the people putting on the festival they probably shouldn’t go.
    dude you are talking about self absorbed??
    for real everytime you point that finger, point two back at yourself.

    p.s. ira would slay you in a battle, and THAT’S HIP HOP.

    Dude, you are an incredible writer, but your beat selection is not my thing.

  17. The Song The Video (to those not involved in my personal beefs)

    The video you see here was shot by my boy Marc DeBruyne in Toronto; he also shot Around This Town and Rocketship by Mood Ruff. We experimented with cables and tried a mild ‘Crouching Tiger’ effect. I like the way it turned out provided we had very little money to work with toward our ultimate goal (I would have been flying over buildings and hopping trees if I could). I like how crisp the picture turned out though. So far it’s heavy rotation on MuchMusic and MuchVibe and will also be featured on as their video pick. For those of you that dig it, please share with your friends. Winnipeg represent!!!!!

    The track itself has been Grand Analog’s crowd pleaser on stage. The shows have been crazy, I’ll document the Herbaliser tour and post it for you to see (for now check out the myspace and see the Peterborough show)… or just come to the show!!! This particular tour will have Ofield on the decks and my boys Catalist on keys and Warren on bass. Damon will be on guitar on selected dates and I’ll hold down percussion. You can also catch Grand Analog live on MTV Dec 1, check MTV’s website for schedule details. If you don’t have cable like I do, I’m sure the performance will be posted shortly after.

    For those hip hop purists out there: I know this song is not a mind altering piece of genius – but it all makes sense on stage. When creating it it was important I use James Brown style drums, rock guitar and New Orleans jazz style horns. No hip hop artist has crafted those three elements together like this. said it best… “I can’t believe this brother is from Winnipeg, Canada”. They gave Grand Analog 4 Stars (out of 5).

    I hope some of you are still with me, I’m working hard out here. Stay tuned. I’ll have lots more to report soon. Look out for the first leaked single ‘Stir Crazy’ featuring Martin Perna (of The Antibalas) on sax.

    OneLove, Odario

  18. i applaud originality when it’s done proper, but this is redundant and sounds like an indie cindy rip off from the sweating to the oldies soundtrack.

  19. this is just an opinion as a fan that I don’t like this song. As an artist put me on record as i love it so I don’t spoil any possible business deals. haha just kidding. I like the old mood ruff stuff, think its underrated I bought the last one at hmv. I don’t really want to speak on any of this other personal stuff on here.

  20. You don’t watch a retard fucking a sidewalk, and give him a lollipop for cumming on the curb.

    Back pedalling and pussyfooting are the traits of a neighbourhood toe toucher.

    Why don’t you get the band together and practice a freestyle you can write? Call McMaster and book some studio time when James has his step kid on Sunday afternoons.

    Instead of calling someone out to ‘man up’ and COMPLETELY ’Garfield – ing’ out on the show and prove.

    Explain to me how, and why I could replace you on stage with a tampon, or a bathtub, or a bathtub full of tampons, and there would be no difference in lyrical content, or originality.

    (Although used tampons are original in any context, their only lyrical in my mouth)

    If I seem angry, it’s because I am. Overreacting, you bet. A little sensitive?….

    I’m fucking indignant.

    I’m sick of being forced to the back, outside and sideline because I refuse to compromise myself and insult
    The audience’s intelligence. Do you honestly not think I couldn’t do what you do as an afterthought? Not to sully your accomplishments. But are you in any way a real writer? Could you do what I do to any extent?

    You want to have a poetry battle? A who can wear the coolest clothes battle? A who can dance better on stage competition? You name it.

    I refuse to stand quietly by while watered down commercialization continues to set this shitty standard of ‘swagger’ and ‘fashion’ and ignores the mainstays of umm…. Ohh I don’t know…. Non shitty music.

    Just because you throw in a ‘my people are struggling’ or ‘ feel the music ‘ quote hear and their does not make you revolutionary or a poet laureate in either function or capacity.

    I think your’e an amazing politician, and a great promoter. Which is the same as saying my lawyer is a cool guy if he gets paid enough when the camera‘s on.

    It’s too bad you don’t trust your skills, or respect hip hop or yourself enough to have a little fun. Waiting outside the little bus to punch the handicap kid makes everyone feel bad.

    I guess our music and actions speak volumes. I make beautiful, intelligent music about family’s dying and bugs, and my province trying to kill me, you stop mid verse to get the six members of the audience in the pub to help you move tables so 3 of them can dance.

    Here’s me having fun and letting off a little steam.

    ‘How to skin a cat’ (Grand Analogue Diss)

    Good discussion everyone.
    Ira Lee a.k.a

  21. fuk ur a bitch… old man bitch…… Y the fuk did spits tell me its ok to call it deepcity???? u retard… i checked b4 i called it anything,,,,, what the fuk do u care about winnipeg… u care about u….. k.. we put on shows for us???/ why the fuk did we open for meth, reman, necro, bro ali, the d12 tour with all them coming up and a bunch of other shit… coutless shows in saskatoon…. those aint “deepcave” shows u fulking retard… we got asked…. so people must like us.. we sell units, itunes all that shit… great “ur friends might not like me or us but fuk it u dumb fuk… i hate u.. i never post on shit inless people bring me into there bullshit…. i rember u emailing me tough talk then we did a show at u of m and u bounce as soon as we turned our backs… hahaha real tough bitch… id make u touch ur toes if we did time together in the clink hahaha… fuk.. does it bug u that much deepcave has done more then u ever did with no help… u get grants, FREE MONEY.. everything ive done is unfunded u fuk…. its fundedby the hiphop commnity……. ahahhaa thats gotta get u mad that spits hosted deepcity one night eh??/ fuk that was dope… shouting me out and thanking me for holding shit down.. u fuk….. u can hate on me, deepcave or our music,,.. but 4 real..i do what u used to and ive had why more success then u.. hahahhaa wow….. thing is id say all this to ur face… unlike u shit talking behind my back to hommies u dumbfuk hahahhhahah DEEPCAVE…. and for the record deepcity means deep “underground” un commerical music u dumb fuk… i could call it fuk anolog next year.. like what its a name u old man retard…. go jerk of k-os for the style u bit u owe him

  22. deepcave is braking up… im goNNA get a band and change my name to ‘Petit Digital”… is that ok garfield just checking.. dont want u to get mad

  23. *Personally, I think I was the first person to ever diss Garfield..after he dissed me on tape back in the day. I called him up on stage at the Pyramid and the infamous Frek Sho vs Peanuts and Corn battle took place..and witnesses all know who took that This s*** has been going on since 1996…and I am sure Ira Lee inherited some of it from his Frek Sho days. People have to realize that back then this was okay..NOW..its like comparing apples and oranges. We all know who makes hardcore prairie hip-hop, and then some of us don’t. Garfield moved to Toronto and embarked another sound and type of music…its not hip-hop..its something else. He is not marketing himself to the heads, and I feel he is doing his best to move himself away from the heads…for his style it makes sense. He was never the great lyricist, emcee of Mood Ruff….he was the catchy voice, and industry go-getter that pushed them in the right direction business wise, not musically, and thats why people continue to diss him.

    Its 2008, and he has his business groove on, and he should..he has had about 20 videos on Much Music, and eventually they should hook him up with High Rotation. He is over 33 i am eventually this s*** will pay off in some ways..touring some crowds, the right connections for booking, publicity, distro, label etc.

    Its 2008, don’t get it twisted, people know and see that Grand Analog music is not that original, but never the less, catchy, and doing what he wants it to do. Garfield has never been a strong writer, but he has some strong musicians it will get by. If that’s his goal, than that’s his choice. Hell he plays and tours with his brother, not too many people could do that.

    One thing people have to realize..if you aint moving units..don’t talk. Ira Lee has sold units..I have proof. Deep Cave not sure. Grand Analog..not sure..someone can post the soundscan units…if you have access. Now a days..people just aint gonna buy a CD, so if you sell got a fan. People might show up to the shows..cause its the cool thing that night to do..but units really add the mark of “do people REALLY CARE AND LIKE YOU”.

    As far as Peg City Holla VS Deep City Holla..I can break this down simple.

    PEG CITY HOLLA-big buzz, bad venues, bad sound, okay artists, smooze fest for some…decent name.

    DEEP CITY HOLLA-good buzz, great venues, great sound, great artists, great vibe for EVERYONE…great name.

    *I PERSONALLY feel DEEP a great name, cause they are the crew that is constantly bringing underground groups and some bigger names to Winnipeg..consistently over the last they actually DO MORE for WINNIPEG in the long run than PEG CITY has ever done. They have created an underground infrastructure for groups and artists to network for the whole year..not just one weekend. Its almost like their celebration week for a year of shows..with one big weekend.

    *P.S. I can’t believe..someone that is about to perform on MTV live is actually responding too opinions on message boards. You know better…or your guilty of something.

    Deep Cave and Ira..keep doing what your doing..hard work will and has payed off…I know its in your nature to battle….but you guys are not really battling a hip-hop emcee.

    Big up to the young Prairie emcees on the come up!!!

  24. “Odario17

    November 8, 2008
    I’ll start …

    First of all I find it interesting that all the hater comments come from fellow artists (or emcees as we used to call ourselves).”

    I still call myself an emcee. I think Epic, Ira, Bigbear, Spitz, Shad etc, etc, are also emcees.

    When did this change?

    As for the video, I think it’s very commercial and marketable, if that was your intent, then you have succeeded.

  25. really good points spoof. really.

    It’s crazy to think that thirteen videos and 3o whatever years old and some random nobody who makes rap in his bedroom can sell more records without even being conscious of it. (my numbers are really, really small i’d imagine, i don’t actually know as i’ve never really thought of sales until now, in this context really…)

    It puts perspective into how truly successful artist like Mcenroe, Epic and Soso, and Josh Martinez really are globally comparatively.

    I CALLED OUT THIS FOOL AND HE PICKED UP HIS PUSSY AND RAN FOR THE HILLS. Answered back, and typed like a little bicth until someone did ‘MAN UP’

    I just hope anyone, and everyone who has any passing interest in Canadian hip hop will remember what happend when a bitch got spanked and ran away to hide and will not hesitate to inform any of Grand Analogues fans of his bitchness and homo eroticness.

    I win cause baby’s too scared to play.


  26. and yes, frek sho wrecked me for the rest of my life.

    I couldn’t have ben fucked up by a more important and legendary crew.


  27. The people have spoken! Well, the people I expected to speak. Except you Martin – I’m surprised you joined the circus – I didn’t know you still had it in you… nice words of encouragement to the boys by the way – you sounded like their uncle. I’d like to give you a call when I get into town. Are you cool with that? I’d love to know what you think about the ‘young ones’ coming up and where you think they might be hiding. I’d love to talk all the past years out with you too. Martin, if there’s one man in Winnipeg that wants to see me fail… it’s you. To diss you back is very easy Martin, so out of respect I’ll leave it at that.

    Big Bear – dude, take it easy easy easy, it’s cool man it’s cool – just settle down! Don’t forget I’ve supported you from the beginning. Remember when you got beat up outside Le Renezvous and I helped you out and sat there all night with you? It’s all love. You make it hard for a man to express his opinion. I know you work hard and I know you had a good year with DeepCity Holla. SO KEEP IT GOING. Just figure out how you can make the festival bigger for the city. I’ve only received a government grant once but I can show you how to do it. You can make this festival something greater, just stop with the ‘fuck them’ stuff and do your thing. For example, you should work together with the festival in Saskatoon so your out of town acts are cheaper. Or hit up Old Market Square early for an outdoor event – the city gives money for that kind of shit. Look up a company called Downtown Biz, they gave PegCity Holla $2000.

    Ira Lee, I won’t battle you for glory sorry – simply because I have nothing nasty to say to you, dude I’ve got no material to work with! All I know is you cut your hair and you’re a sensitive guy?? That’s all I got! You on the other hand can use every public mistake I’ve made in the past against me – and dude, that’s a long song! You can go for days. Hell, I’ll write it for you so you don’t miss anything. You guys talk old hip hop. Hip hop I don’t represent anymore. I don’t do that shit anymore. Ira I apologize for coming at you, you called me a bad person and I had to set that straight.

    I must say you guys are clueless about what being an artist is too. I’m glad you brought up some points such as age. If you’re an artist your an artist. Why can painters age but musicians can’t? I’m not afraid of aging. Making music is like mathematics to me – an equation I enjoy trying to figure out. I shouldn’t ever have to stop wanting to do that. Look at Rod Bailey (I love that guy, and he loves making music). Guys I’m not chasing a dream here I’m simply doing what I like to do whether I make money or not. Toronto has a community for that. For the record Martin I can manage rent in Toronto off Grand Analog and other music endevours alone. Yes, I’m a business man – it’s not a bad thing. The sales & numbers formula you still carry in your brain is old school… no one buys CDs the way they used to, you know that. Even Kardinal’s album is not selling in Canada as much as it should. It’s a tough market out there but I LOVE the challenge. That is what this is about… the challenge, the set goals, the art and the business itself. You guys make it seem like I should step down when I’m only getting started. Kardinal is older than I am, K-OS is turning 37 in March, and both these men will tell you making music in the Canadian market is a life long battle. The difference in comparison is I’m indie.

    Your harsh words inspire me. I’m old news to you because you saw me work hard and fail many times. But I’m new to so many people in the world, you have no idea. Think globally not locally. And now I’m stronger with all my experiences. That’s why your words don’t hurt. Mood Ruff is done. Grand Analog is not, I have great things happening and business is good. Life is good. I don’t wish bad on any of you artists (and former artists). You guys are part of my history that’s why I’ve been antagonizing you like this online. I want to see the prairies rise up for once, that’s what this is all about. Maybe I’m just not part of the prairies anymore, and I’m cool with that, it’s really been fucking with my mind.

    Stinson, that was the answer I was looking for. Thank you for the clarity. It took a stranger to point something out to me. The song is doing well as a single nationally and is slowly making it’s way into the US and Japan. I just wanted to know what my old prairie dogs thought of it. And Epic thank you too – you made a lot of sense. It really is a personal opinion… but girls love this track! I’m prepared to lose a lot of supporters with my new direction in hopes to gain new ones, but I’m still tweaking the sound. Thanks fellas.

    The rest of you just have built up anger I can read through (years of anger, old man anger, just ask Martin). Understandable. Go back and read some of that shit guys… wow. I MEAN WOW I just got ganged up on somethin’ serious. I hope I see all of you soon. Shake your hand, buy you a beer, give you a hug or something. You all know I’m good for it.

    I won’t have time to entertain the readers anymore. The Herbaliser tour starts tomorrow and my internet access will be limited. Guys, I’ve exposed myself for years publicly – made many mistakes and stood back up on my feet every time. If you can’t give me credit for that, I’ll just give it to myself. It keeps me going. This is my last post – you guys know how to reach me. For real – get at me.

    [email protected]

    Grand Analog “Metropolis Is Burning” April 2009

  28. Ira Lee, I won’t battle you for glory sorry – simply because I have nothing nasty to say to you, dude I’ve got no material to work with!


    There is nothing hip hop about you at all. NOTHING.

    You guys talk old hip hop. Hip hop I don’t represent anymore. I don’t do that shit anymore.

    Then tell that to the world. Grand Analogue is NOT HIP HOP.

    don’t exploit the culture you don’t represent. You have no right.

  29. and let it be known…

    Frek Sho was the BEST. Other than Shadez though. Shadez never ever got the credit they deserved. I loved Shadez so much it ached. But I thought Frek Sho was the shit (I had to think it secretly of course). But man were they incredible, original. Frek Sho kept me working hard.

    Martin, I vowed not to get into it with you online. Our history is too deep for that. I respect you better than that. I’d like to do it one on one instead. Let’s talk each other’s shit out, I’m glad you posted. I want to see how photographic our memories can be. But I will say this, the business of Frek Sho could have been conducted differently… and you know that.

    I hope Ismaila’s night is popping off tonight. He is the best rapper Peg city ever had. Len Bowen a close second. Gruf third. Martin, I had a talk with Ismaila recently – he told me he’s taking the same approach I’m taking… as in changing up the music and getting rid of the old ways. I’ll pick up the CD when I get back. I’ve got mad love for Ismaila.


    Odario G

  30. yo dawg I came across this shit man you guys can get colder than our winters hahaha. yo man, odario (or garfield) I just want to say I been following you since no hooks and you’ve inspired me and my homies to write and do our thing since. I remember no hooks came out the same time as northern touch and they both played on much. we were proud man. keep dointg your thing homie you’re on the right track. you represent the prairies to the fullest. you guys need to stop the bullshit. peace Orwitz

  31. Sorry Garfield for sounding like an uncle..Tonight was the first time I have been out in I am far from anyone’s uncle. Check your email… Honesty is in your inbox.

  32. u cant say that… how into the sceen are u??? ismaila is dope gruff is dope, pips dope, smith is dope, and for real even though this the people i rap with royalt’s dope… so is Pnut, Kenny G, i i aint that bad haha,and theres tons of new kids that are killing it to… so u gotta be on the real time… and see im being nice.. hahah

  33. ive concluded that this is a sissy fight.

    you can stop acting like little girls anytime now guys.

  34. I don’t like this video because it’s boring on a number of levels, mostly because of poor choices. The beat is boring to me, it’s very repetitive and the guitar riff does not change throughout the whole song(chorus, verse, bridge;all the same 3 notes). The hand gestures at 1:14 aren’t aiding in any way, in fact they just emphasize how there’s probably no imagery which could make me excited about the beat. There’s only 1 location being seen here and that location is a big empty space with nothing but scaffolds in it. The fact that the people are flying around on wires does not make it interesting. These choices could probably be attributed to the director of this video’s lack of planning (story boarding, character development etc.). When I watch a video, regardless of the length I want the characters to grow and change in some way. Obviously lots of hip hop videos stray from this, like ‘street videos’ which show little more than the artist delivering the track, and serve more as a promotional tool. But the way this video was shot and the fact that there was a location scouted and rented etc. for the shoot tells me this is not a street video, it’s just a very poorly planned music video. Also the chick with the emo hair and the Gibson SG needs to try harder or stop trying so hard, I’m not sure.

  35. I think this video is sick. look at all the rap videos on tv today this totally stands out. I’m sick of bullshit rap videos and this is not one of them. they look like dudes that know what they’re doing and the effects are cool. I must be the only guy that still watches rapcity, it was the best video on there. it’s not my fav song on the album but I can see why it’s the single. around this town is still my shit. peg city stand up!

  36. This video isn’t a rap video. Mr. Odario even says he’s not into making rap anymore. It’s a mystery why this shit is even on here or rap city for that matter. The Ira Lee dis and Wal Martian criticisms are on point, Mood Ruff was cool for a second, but this shit is CORNY!

  37. It’s not corny, it’s catchy. And the reason why it’s on here is because he’s from the prairies and made a name for prairie hip hop. I like what Odario and McCenroe are doing now. I listened to them for years and if they were kicking the same sound now I’d probably be bored. Mood Ruff was cool but Grand Analog is better.

    P/One the emcee

  38. mine too. But honstly, gruff, pip, gumball, spoof ( when he wants too) Yy, Gumshoe, and especially Grubbs, Smitty.

    Winnipeg has produced the most important Canadian hip hop of all time.

    Peanuts and Corn and Frek Sho built independent canadian rap.

  39. Ness is probably my favorite Wpg Emcee too. And he’s kind of in Grand Analog, and also ventures far outside of what a lot of people here might call Hip Hop. Frek Sho, Farm Fresh, Shadez Of Black and Mood Ruff let a guy like me know there was even Hip Hop music in Winnipeg. They all deserve credit for pioneering in some sense. I live there now (against my better judgement haha). Mala’s set last night with a full band was fucking ill.

    People take this shit far too personal, something I’ve been guilty of on occasion (Hi Heywood). Hope you guys can all see how dumb this is. It was entertaining though, Ira’s song especially (minus the talking at the end).

  40. i actually really liked mood ruff back in the day. spitz was always the better lyricist but odario came a lot doper back then too and held his own. since we’re picking winnipeg favorites I’ll have to go with Ismaila and Smitty hands down, but i like listening to our shit the most hahaha.

  41. I can’t believe I just read all this and watched that video….I feel like Hans Moleman “You took 5 minutes of my life and I want it baaaaaack”

    Winnipeg would be doper if it wasn’t so far away — I see alot of influence in Edmonton rap from Winnipeg.

    I like how everyone is turning their backs on rap now, can’t wait to see them come crawling back when it’s popular again.

  42. ***************************************************************

    November 8, 2008
    Straddling the infinite continuum of perpetual mediocrity and disputing any criticisms to that obvious truth as ‘hate’, is a full time hustle.

    Over a decade you’ve made a relative impact on the evolution of generic, monosyllabic, commercial urban dance music in Canada.


    Have a cookie.

    Royal T and i make dope music for fun with our homies. For the record.

    Just remember to give me props while shad and i are busy talking through your set next time as well. it’s good politics.

    truth be told ira, what homies are u talking about? u’ve burned bridges w/ most of dope artists in canada! i thot u may grow up and try to rebuild em cuz unions are cool. but u just continue diggin urself a grave.

    get over urself! ur weak at best!

    it’s all love,


  43. U knowz therez alot more tings’ and stuffz ‘ere on ugs!

    Check the forumz! I thot u knew dis’ iz de’ place 4 u and all of uz!

    I can’t seem to find a link to odario’s response anywhere?

    could you post that up for me home slice?

  44. thought so.

    I’m done being an annoying, obnoxious asshole.

    Hip hop wins.

    Don’t forget that all you ‘i don’t make rap anymore. i’m going in a new direction. i”m evolving’ bullshitters.

    rap will be here when you fail, and it will always be here no matter what to get you through life.

    that’s real and that’s hip hop.

    now peace, seriously, i mean it.



  45. “Don’t forget that all you ‘i don’t make rap anymore. i’m going in a new direction. i”m evolving’ bullshitters.

    rap will be here when you fail, and it will always be here no matter what to get you through life.

    that’s real and that’s hip hop.”

    Right on.

  46. “Don’t forget that all you ‘i don’t make rap anymore. i’m going in a new direction. i”m evolving’ bullshitters.

    rap will be here when you fail, and it will always be here no matter what to get you through life.

    that’s real and that’s hip hop.”

    Still, mad love to all those who experiment… Especially when y’all make something new. Without our own accent or language to differentiate us from the States, experimentation is all we have.

  47. ^^^

    Don”t wory about differentiating us from the sates most people can tell if a hip hop song is canadian even if the guy doing it is tryna use a fake accent or whatever

  48. I tried my hardest to like something in this video. I have a thing for chicks that play instruments. I liked that. Respect for experimenting, but just ain’t my thing.

  49. Here’s some food for thought…

    How come Mood Ruff’s releases were right after Peg City Holla…?

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s fishy for the local community to foot the bill for those releases…?

  50. i finally get the internet today and low and behold i step into sask hip hop . com’s beefer’s section circa 2004. hahahaha. except this time its ira being like me and i am just enjoying the shotgun seat ride to a fukkin fun and amusing dialogue filled weekend. hahaha. dont get it twisted, Ira is my homie and will always be my homie, i like his shit its always timeless. but i just wanna say to everyone out there, do your own shit and keep doin it. i hate music daily, but i still love it!!