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October 3, 2013

Gruf the Druid – 2 Sense Squared

New Gruf the Druid! Featuring Skratch Bastid, Dj Brace, Yy, Rob Crooks, Speed Dial 7, Pip Skid, Birdapres, The Gumshoe Strut and Greg MacPherson.

Gruf began his hip-hop career as a member of a Winnipeg group called Twisted Spirits in the early 1990’s. This group evolved into the Frek Sho, and in 1995 they filmed a video for “Patience”, which entered rotation on Canada’s Muchmusic, a first for a Winnipeg hip-hop group. His interest in health and counter-culture made his teaming with Pip Skid inevitable, and they formed fermented reptile in 1999. In 2001, he released “Druidry”, his solo debut. Gruf is by far the most abstract rapper on the roster, commonly rapping about trees, plants and animals. 8 years after his last release, entitled “Hopeless” (Peanuts and Corn) we present Grufs new record “2 Sense Squared” for free download on Marathon of Dope