February 18, 2010

Hotbox – Number Theory

Hotbox - Number Theory EP

Nine track EP from Moncton, NB based producer Hotbox. Number Theory features Maritime rappers Wordburglar, Spesh K, Radar, Expedyte plus others — including a posse cut with Jesse Dangerously, Johnny Hardcore, Shiest, Arlo Maverick and more.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?drydewgr5wt

1. Numerology
2. Little Bits (Expedyte, Radar, & Phakt)
3. Dollar Bills (Radar & Wordburglar)
4. True Love (Expedyte, Mischif, Nokes, & Spesh K)
5. Millipede (Spesh K & Jay Mayne)
6. Christmas Rain
7. Must Have Been (Sampson)
8. Oatmeal Lumps (Milla Thyme, Sampson, Lee Fitz, Shiest, Arlo Maverick, Markit, Jesse Dangerously, Johnny Hardcore & Radar)
9. Perfect Formula (Sean One & Monark)


5 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed Monark on this EP. IMO he out-shined everyone by many miles.

    Perfect Formula is a nice beat.

  2. i knew monark had an album called illamentary or something but dont know anything about it. from all the eastern cats i think he is one of the only dudes im feeling.

    i am very out of the loop