December 14, 2010

KaeoFLUX – Form

KaeoFLUX - Form


Free instrumental album from producer KaeoFLUX and Marathon of Dope.

Hi. I’m KaeoFLUX. I don’t believe in writing in third person. And I don’t have a publicist. Or a manager. So I’m writing you a short message about my album.

This is my first record, which is strange considering I’ve been making music for over ten years. I started the hip hop crew “Komadose” in Boston in 2001, and was also one half of the experimental electronic band “Pilot Balloon”. Since then I’ve produced several albums and singles. I’ve also mixed, mastered and engineered about 20 albums in various genres.

While on tour with Zucchini Drive in Belgium in 2009, I burnt a hard drive and lost about 6 years of music. That was partially my motivation to make this record. I lost a lot of solo songs that day. Never to be heard again. Not even by me. I realized I wanted people to hear my solo music.
So, here it is. I used various software, hardware, and sound sources to make this record. The only real constant was that I tried to make songs that I personally enjoy listening to. I trusted that my experience in the arts, music, photography and film over the years would help me craft an instrumental album that has form, depth, texture and character.

I look forward to presenting “Form” to the listening public. Please don’t hesitate to criticize, praise, steal, support, blog, remix or share this record.