Jul 29, 2008

Lexington + Whatevski – Customer Appreciation Day [free download]


Lexington & Whatevski - Customer Appreciation Day

Lexington + Whatevski’s new album Customer Appreciation Day is now available for free download courtesy of Hand’Solo Records.

1. Crackheads On Bikes
2. Picture of You
3. Good People (Nato mix) feat. Touch
4. 19 Trillion Miles feat. Planit
5. Swanky Flashy Hoes feat. Hollohan aka G.O.D., B-Money & Ryan Crack the Dirt Dogg
6. Dick In Ya Drink feat. Hollohan aka G.O.D. & Mr Grim
7. Back When
8. Dead And Famous feat. Planit
9. Single File feat. Lingo
*. 5 Min to Kill a Family of 4 feat. Hollohan aka G.O.D. (CD only bonus cut)
10. Sum Alberta Spit feat. Touch
*. The Machine (CD only bonus cut)
11. Your Kid’s Got My Eyes
12. Rolemodel
13. Movin On Up (interlude)
14. Big City
15. Good People (Whatevski Mix) feat. Touch
16. Preggers Can’t Be Choosers radio ad

* Note: these tracks are exclusive to the soon to be released CD version of the album.

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  1. wicked!!!!!!!! dling right now fooooollllsssss….

  2. that is the grossest cover ever!


  3. I’m diggin’ that cover, so I’m downloading.

  4. Avatar Balzac

    that cover is hilarious. downloading now.

  5. Avatar Alberta Rap Charger

    So fucking ewwwwww and irresistible. Downloading now.

  6. Avatar Shitty Bill

    wow. noyz is on the ball. good work man, and good to meet you the other night.

  7. Avatar Timbulb

    Never been a huge fan of you guys, but this record changed my opinion. Word up.

  8. Avatar epic

    you guys were absolutely awesome at the rap show the other night. you killed it word.

  9. Avatar heywoodjablome

    word props on this

  10. Avatar Chaps

    Had a chance to listen to this and good work homies! Classic!!!!

  11. Avatar Lovely

    Lexington + Whatevski = instant classic
    It’s fucking sharp good work.
    1 luv

  12. Avatar shocks

    that is the worst cover ive ever seen.
    not feeling anything about this.

  13. Avatar Shitty Bill

    hahaha nice. big girls deserve to be disrespected too homes. it’s only fair.

  14. Avatar chaddyo

    totally dope – lots of cuts i been bumping on repeat this week

    good people is the jammy

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