May 29, 2007

Low Budget Affiliates – The Damage is Done

Low Budget Affiliates - The Damage is DoneLow Budget Affiliates’ new album The Damage is Done is set to drop this June, making next month a big one for Edmonton hip hop as Touch & Nato (both featured on the new LBA album) also have a new album dropping. For preview of the LBA album check out


01. The Beginning Of The End (Produced by Nato)
02. 214 Years Later (Produced by Beat Jesus ft Add-Vice, Chris Plus, Max Prime, Touch & Deadwrite)
03. The Advantage – (Produced by Chazmo ft Chazmo, Chris Plus, Max Prime & Add-Vice)
04. Ill Skill Teknishunz (Produced by Chris Plus ft Chris Plus & Chazmo Cuts by Nato)
05. In The Place To Be (Produced by Chazmo ft Chazmo, Max Prime & Add-Vice)
06. Blind Faith (Produced by Nato ft Chris Plus, Max Prime & Add-Vice Cuts by Nato)
07. Pre Party Anthem (Produced by Chazmo ft Chazmo, Max Prime, Add-Vice, Conspiracy & The Blurb)
08. Lost In Space (Produced by Chazmo ft Chris Plus & Chazmo)
09. Livin’ Large (Produced by Chris Plus ft Add-Vice, Chris Plus, Chazmo & Max Prime)
10. The Descent (Produced by Chazmo ft Chazmo)
11. Know The Drill (Produced by Chris Plus ft Chris Plus & Add-Vice)
12. Disposable Humans (Produced by Chris Plus & Nato ft Chris Plus & Chazmo)
13. Dolby One Shinobi (Produced by Adept ft Max Prime)
14. WMD (Produced by Chazmo ft Max Prime, Conspiracy, Add-Vice, Chazmo & Chris Plus)
15. Put That Mic Back (Produced by Dice ft Chazmo)
16. End Of Days (Produced by Weez-ill ft Add-Vice & Max Prime Cuts by Weez-ill
17. Bonus Track – I’m Low Budget

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