June 13, 2012

Mantrakid – Dragon Lullabies

Mantrakid - Dragon Lullabies

It’s been almost 4 years since mantrakid has dropped an album. his debut 2008 piece ‘palmflowerblack’ put his abilities on full display, illustrating his range both as a producer and a lyricist. the release of ‘palmflowerblack’ unintentionally lined up with his departure from his home town of Calgary, AB to Vancouver Island, BC where he literally began a new life with his wife and their island born son.

Through the years that followed, and the further mantrakid felt from the scene he grew up in, he began this piece of music as simply a way to pour out his instrumental thoughts as they occurred. The organic nature of the samples layered with live instrumentation and thick smokey melodies grew from his introspection and analysis of his new role as a father then filtered through a lens of near-hurricane winds, expansive winding forest trails and hidden beach spots. Through an almost entirely instrumental album, mantrakid floats along with wispy backdrop vocal melodies and is joined on heavenly occasion by the ethereally pristine voice of Bee (Calgary).

In addition to 100% free streaming of the full album + a high quality digital download ($3), there is also a cardboard wallet CD complete with liner notes available ($9), as well as a limited edition collectible (only 50 copies signed and numbered) package featuring a copy of the wallet CD + a Wooden USB key laser engraved with the album art accompanied by a 1×1″ hardcover booklet of photography taken during the production of the album, plus some additional secret goodies all housed in a tiny metal tin ($36).

The Limited Edition also contains a copy of “Dragon Refrain”, a full track-by-track companion remix album to be released in the fall, featuring the production talents of Neferiu’s own incredible roster. Remixes by Nato, Cityscape, SoWyz, Tetrix, Mokhov, Stilz, The Sundry Light and Zebrabook. Plus a special guest remix from demoscene-hatched idm guru, Lackluster.”

Available now at Neferiu.com & Mantrakid.com, so check it out!

Mantrakid - Dragon Lullabies

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  1. Ya like Phil said, nice package;) lolol Can’t wait to take this in!!!
    I want one. FB’ing you now lol

  2. yeah response has been deadly so far, I gotta be honest im kinda surprised. 🙂 I thought for sure peeps would be a little more apprehensive of it cuz of how lo-fi i made it. Thx for the response on the packaging guys haha… its a bit of an obsession with my shit.

  3. I miss the ugs forum a bit, so im posting this out of mostly due to a half drunken nostalgia. Thanks to Noyz for all his tireless work on UGSmag. Scanning the front page and how many things hes posted in just a few short weeks is truly awe inspiring. There’s just simply too much good music to go around man, but it is a weird sense of comfort knowing i can always come back here and literally just click ‘something’ and know im going to get something along the lines of my tastes. Thanks for hooking us all up man.