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January 4, 2013

Mars Project – Extended Trailer

Trailer for Jon B’s upcoming full-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart.

A decade ago rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart was diagnosed with a psychological disorder, but he has rejected the label and is pursuing a spiritual path.

For half of his life, Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart has fought a spiritual war against two demons: Anacron, an intergalactic consciousness that possesses Stewart’s mind, and the Canadian mental health system, which diagnosed him with schizophrenia over a decade ago.

With innumerable battles waging as far back as his adolescence, Khari’s other-worldly experiences have often been manifested through a dense and sometimes dark catalogue of recorded music, all of which he has recorded independently. A contemporary wordsmith specializing in hip hop rhyme forms, Khari performs as ‘Conspiracy’ in a group called the Supreme Being Unit (S.B.U.), along with his twin brother Addi ‘Mindbender’ Stewart, who was not diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Through artful documentation of Khari’s history, daily life and with insight from psychiatric experts, “Mars Project” reveals the deep complexities of mental health and the inadequacies of the current Canadian healthcare system. Khari’s diagnosis or spiritual encounters (as he refers to them) have entrenched themselves so deeply, that it will take much more than a state-imposed drug regimen or spiritual healing to vanquish his demons.

Yet Khari isn’t just a victim. His plagued mind has simultaneously debilitated him and formed the foundation for his identity as a contemporary soothsayer who spreads his message and his experiences through the recited verb-forms of his rap music. Tormented artist, spiritual shaman, drug-addled rapper, Khari’s unique experience seeks to challenge our understanding of schizophrenia and mental health.