Mars Project on Space Channel’s InnerSPACE

Ugsmag’s Jon B, aka director Jonathan Balazs, and documentary subject Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart talk about their new film, based on Stewart’s ...

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Mars Project – Extended Trailer

Trailer for Jon B’s upcoming full-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart.

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Help Fund the Mars Project: Feature-Length Film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart

Help fund Jon B’s new feature-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart and the psychological disorder he was diagnosed with, but ...

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Jon B and Conspiracy – Mars Project Trailer

Visual treatment/teaser for a proposed follow-up extended version of Jon B’s Mars Project film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart. Visual treatment for a ...

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FREE DVD CONTEST: The Mars Project

We are giving away 4 copies of The Mars Project DVD, Jon B's new short film about Khari "Conspiracy" Stewart.

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