June 21, 2012

Help Fund the Mars Project: Feature-Length Film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart

Help fund Jon B’s new feature-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart and the psychological disorder he was diagnosed with, but has rejected.


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  1. If homie(conspiracy) is smoking massive amounts of weed
    like he raps about and has schizophrenia he wouldn’t even be able to function in society unless it’s super mild or he’s lying. If he really has schizophrenia he would a) be on meds or b) be in psychiatric care, not spiritual healing by smoking all day. I smell a steamy pile of bullshit.

    1. I can tell you have no idea what you’re talking about – just from those few lines you shit out your mind-hole; though I would say that he could be doing more in a spiritual sense.

  2. Excellent!

    Conspiracy is one of those cats that is a massive supporter of hip hop. He’s at tonnes of shows and makes music regardless of the challenges he faces. I think people make the mistake of discounting his work because he’s different. People need to understand that many of us live with mental illness every day and shouldn’t be sidelined because of it. I like the premise of this film for many reasons especially because it finally gives people a chance to see Conspiracy as a person and not simply as a schizophrenic. Keep the development coming!


  3. Explain what you know about the subject. Ask anyone involved in mental health. If he keeps this shit up it will turn out bad. If your mentally ill and you take something that can cause hallucinations you’re just adding fuel to the fire. Just seems very careless which is why I won’t contribute to this doc. Don’t know the man but it could also be drug induced schizophrenia if he’s been smoking since early adolescents and it runs in the family. Point being, don’t fuck yourself up even more than you already are. Best of luck though.

    1. I’m not a doctor and no expert, but I did ask people in mental health, we even interviewed some psychiatrists. I think Conspiracy’s issues are much deeper than “oh he smoked too much weed” ’cause I know people who smoke double or triple and they’re just fine. I would also add that many psychiatric drugs are far worse for cognitive (and physical) function than a toke a lil reefer. I suggest you don’t write this project off so quickly.

  4. weed has nothing to do with hearing voices. the drugs (natural or synthetic) do nothing to let me have mental silence (or just my conscience/mind thinking in my head). What I have discovered by my own research, after living with this shit as the first person who has experienced the reality of schitzophrenia, is that, there are 2 external (extra sensory hearing) voices, that are distinct personalities with lives of their own, and unlimited time and energy, speaking to me, whenever they want, about whatever they want, whether I want them to or not, privately and publically and they invade all aspects of my life, from sleeping, eating, exercize, reading books, girls and sex, social life, working for money, entertainment, spirituality and anything that my presence is attending within my aura space. ME! they are 2 demons. they do crimes of assault and harassment, slander and forcible confinement, stalking, identity manipulation (look at my face in all the videos. i have been morphed over time) and they also just fuck up anything that they want from my speaking and thinking to walking and recreational activities. they cause chaos. pure jinxes and they cause damaging trouble.
    These 2 demons were not in my life before 1996, and they just came out of the blue, talking in telepathic clairaudience and making clairvoyant visions in my eyes and in my mind and vicinity. They know metaphysical magic and they can do alot more than just read minds and move objects “telekinesis” (what they use for assault). they are probably not from this dimension and they are just the tip of the iceberg of what humanity on earth is now facing in this new age of aquarius. i am flooded in meaning and numerology and letterology, because they are feeding off my energy and tried to kill me a couple of times. They don’t care if I live or die, so I just SMOKE WEED AND DRINK TO KEEP MYSELF FROM BEING DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF BEING CURSED BY 2 DEMONS. the religious implications are galactic, and the spiritual implications are alien extraterrestrial. I am mixed up in many emotions and thoughts, trying to survive and make sence of and understand psychic magical crimes and warfare and alien science. they showed me some things about space in dreams and they implanted de ja vu in my mind many times until it got played out and i avoided the incoming obstacles they put in my way. they want me do die, or live in hell. DEMONS. can you not see that? I do. please just let me have fun in life until i get the solution to this problem of double demon posession (one male, one female). There are more of them. and they will do worse to others if they have to. I found out how they get their powers. ILLUMINATION. they will go away after I illuminate (www.nibiruancouncil.com) and face my demons.
    Peace to Jon Brando and THE MARS PROJECT fans and friends. 2012 + more to come

  5. weed has nothing to do with hearing voices. I have only been hearing them since I was 17 in

    1996. I was smoking weed for 5 years and doing alot more drugs like acid and mushrooms and

    coke and drinking before I started hearing the 2 mysterious demon voices, which just came

    out of the blue when I was in my mom’s house in ottawa, ontario at like 2:00 PM when I was

    home from school one day. he (and then his girlfriend? 10 minutes later) just started

    talking conversationally and totally had me caught up in the mystery of how I was hearing 2

    unknown strangers talk to me “silently” to my mind and how I didn’t see anybody around me.

    they totally work by force. they just talk to me whenever they want, about whatever they

    want, at anytime they choose to, with or without my consent or approval and permission. They

    do many sick and mean things to me, like assault and harassment, slander and forcible

    confinement (i can’t escape their words, even when alone somewhere unsaid) and they torture

    and experiement on me with thought tricks and traps that make me react in ways that make me

    bi-polar (they push my buttons, as they read my mind) and they also morphed my body and face

    and head so I don’t even look like Khari or Conspiracy anymore (that’s why I had to tell

    people about these 2 demons. I won’t let people change my look.) and they also fucked with

    my brains, balls, guts, spine and skeleton by genetic manipulation. now if you don’t believe

    me, fine, but I have acheived a level of education that is normal for someone over 30 into

    spiritual science. Do you know what DNA is? do you know what the third eye is? that is how

    they are doing what they do to me. these 2 demons know metaphysical magic. And they are not

    even on this planet. they showed me a few teaser images in projected dreams about

    life/images in outerspace. they were simulation, but coming from an alien demon, i just

    observer and document the information. They are tricky. everything they do is by force, so

    that is why they are illegal. I politely asked them to leave me alone hundreds of times, but

    they will not leave my presence/aura. So they feed off my energy and experience and damage

    my social life, my sexual life, my educational life, my entertainment, my enlightentment,

    and my style, plus they just try to kill me, subtly or outright, and I cannot stop them,

    because they leave not much forensic evidence on a physical level (cuts scars, “features”)

    but no cop or doctor would comprehend the crime damage done to my spirit/lightbody and

    internally. These 2 demons are killers trying to look innnocent and are trying to sabotage

    my righteousness by making me evil and hurt people I would never ever hurt. DEMONS. and I

    want to say if you watch THE MARS PROJECT, you will see I say alot more about this, but in

    more detail and descriptively, because i have read some good books to teach how to beat such

    types of evil. They have ILLUMINATION. and I will not be able to get rid of them until I get

    illumination, so I can ‘face my demons’. read about how to get DNA Illumination activation

    at http://www.nibiruancouncil.com. Peace to Jon Brando, Jelaila Starr and Dr. Malachi Z York and

    anyone who knows there are billions of trillions of aliens and lifeforms in the

    interdimensional cosmos.
    Peace. Conspiracy is just gonna have fun in life, even if demons are trying to murder me and

    are robbing me of all my life energy. I believe in THE MOST HIGH. God will save me and

    punish these 2 demons. because if there are real (alien) demons, there are ANGELS!
    2012 age of aquarius

  6. I just want to chime in to the one avowed naysayer (and to any others) a couple of things…you think the average crew manager at Tim Hortons or Subway will cut a guy a break for hearing voices that are distracting him from doing a job? I’m doubtful. Even if we consider circumstances/phenomena outside human perception, there is something to be said about the “magic” that happens within the mind everyday. Why is it that the psychiatrist is the defining force in our evaluation of non-traditional behavior(s)? If we embraced people who heard voices, would we be having a different conversation? This shit is not medical – or at least it hasn’t proven without a shadow of a doubt that it is…

  7. Fair enough. I just didn’t want young kids with mental health issues to get the wrong idea and self medicate. I say this because wifey is a community mental health nurse and most of the time her patients have trouble or have to be hospitalized is when they abuse drugs and/or alcohol or don’t take their meds. Most are extremely sick though. I’m def not opposed to alt. med and if it doesn’t affect you in a neg. way then go for it. Also suffering from a mood disorder myself, drugs and alcohol have always set me back but I still fight taht battle too. Any best of luck to the both of you.


  8. I’m not too familiar with different dimensions and such so I will check out both the doc and the website provided. My bad if I came across a little strong on the drugs. I just think most are doing a lot more harm than good in this world and are a major tool of the gov along with technology and religion etc, but thats a whole new clusterfuck. Conspiracy take care of yourself!