Jul 22, 2009

Max Prime & Marc Pause – Massive Promo EP



  1. Avatar ceej

    This is seriously dope!

  2. Avatar NATE BONE

    word up… David Ko did the art for my first mixtape!! I checkin this in the mornin

  3. slaughterama is super sweet!

  4. Very nice offering, Max. This is some of Alberta’s finest music.

  5. Holy shit slaughterama is ill

  6. max prime, you killed me.

  7. damn! this is tight!

    I’ve tried a few times before to get into Max’s shit but couldn’t seem to do it. This Marc Pause production is the missing link.

    Super sick!

  8. Holy shit, I knew you had skills Max but this shit really opened my eyes. You’ve come a hell of a long way since I first heard you. Good fucking job….Revivin’ is seeeeeeeeeeeeick.

  9. Avatar Friar

    Dope. Thanks for the DL!

  10. super sick all the way round. I like the pause beats alot, really alot, but the jon b max shit was inssaaannne.

    max gets better every fucking song.

    i feel like everybody i have met in the last ten years is flying and i’m waiting in line at the greyhound with an expire voucher.

    super sick ep.

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