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July 22, 2009

Max Prime & Marc Pause – Massive Promo EP

19 Responses

  1. word up… David Ko did the art for my first mixtape!! I checkin this in the mornin

    1. hahaha, i saw it at first and didn’t want to say anything but rappers are supposed to spell things wrong anyways. haha.

  2. damn! this is tight!

    I’ve tried a few times before to get into Max’s shit but couldn’t seem to do it. This Marc Pause production is the missing link.

    Super sick!

  3. Holy shit, I knew you had skills Max but this shit really opened my eyes. You’ve come a hell of a long way since I first heard you. Good fucking job….Revivin’ is seeeeeeeeeeeeick.

  4. super sick all the way round. I like the pause beats alot, really alot, but the jon b max shit was inssaaannne.

    max gets better every fucking song.

    i feel like everybody i have met in the last ten years is flying and i’m waiting in line at the greyhound with an expire voucher.

    super sick ep.