October 5, 2008

Max Prime – Origami Cranes: Sufferance

Max Prime - Origami Cranes: Sufferance

Max Prime’s latest album, Origami Cranes: Sufferance, is nearing completion. In anticipation of the release, here’s a link to download “End Of An Era,” one of the tracks that was cut from the album — lyrics included below.

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20 five lifes to infinitum. we drop the medicine
AND put life long work in it like amish peasants and
made discovery’s sampling, the illest excellence
you cant breath in this stampede of a million of dissadents
from little tons to mecha citEs, the aging indy offices
is hidden basements, under city law: the under-opolis
pumping pure sound to to call centre comps IN TERAFLOPS
computer chip hop recrut your spec ops, prep for para-drop
our originators in there fortys and fiftys.
still learning quikly, its new kids that are borderline skitzy
lets split rap 50 50, 50 for the wack and shitty
50 for the artists wicked nuff to be part of history
ying and yang, thing and thang, ebonic wit your pleasantry
(athe) top heavenly, but get demonic at the mezzanine
unmend us send us to the essence its an end of an era
ascended to crush questions with an imbedded knife and endless arrow

the end of an era

max classic

over the mountian, holden a fountain of cold winter alpine
snow in my mouth and gulping it down, cause when the snow melts
we’re all gonna drown. flood away the overgrown ground
hip hop was home till heated water knocked the motor homed down
heated up in infighting, reckless anger at nothing.
the selfish bin griping, a rapper, stranger, and a ruffian
over the mountain is a dump for garbage. that we started
waste compounded from the jump of all this, theres no room harvest
out of us who will get harvested or bounce back like arkanoid
insecure with parkensons mouse trapped in the mark freud.
whether your doing dust or spark the roids.
the rewards in our park, and your just gossip in the ‘loids
a drop within a void in my ocular lens
rocking pissy depends under them popular trends
its max classic if you ask who got the gems
I’m like Tuvac and spock meet 2pacalypse. we got it locked again

Max Prime - Origami Cranes: Sufferance

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