Jan 20, 2010

MC Paul Barman + Michel Gondry – “It Can All Be Taken Away” video



  1. Balzac


    why’s he picking the wierder songs to make vids from. theres so many dope tracks on his album and he’s picking the oddball shit.

    oh well, paul barman FTW regardless

  2. I wish I could see the world through the eyes of Gondry. Do some “Being John Malkovich” type of shit.

  3. paulbarkman

    check chopped herring records for the limited vinyl pressing:


  4. i like the song…very nice. barmans raps kinda annoy me for the most part.

    who are his parents? he seems to know everyone… or just has so much money

  5. i love michel gondry. this song is the best paul barman song i’ve ever heard.

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