Apr 15, 2009

MC Paul Barman’s new album, Tears of Joy, coming late spring



Paul Barman’s new LP, Tears of Joy, is set to drop this spring and features ?uestlove, Michel Gondry, DOOM, Prince Paul, Mark Ronson, Josh Neuman, Masta Ace, Del, Memory Man, Casual-T + more.



  1. Word up, new MCPB!

  2. GorJus

    Michel Gondry? He’s a visual genius but I wonder what his contribution to the record will be. Skit? Maybe he play drums on a track?

  3. hahaha oh man. he scooped some crazy features though.

  4. I’m curious to check this out. I liked Very Stimulating but I couldn’t get with Paulelujah.

  5. always been a paul barman fan. i hope he’s tightened up his flow a bit since his last project.

  6. I am really excited to hear this. It has been way too long between releases.

  7. haha Paul Barman’s hillarious, that flyer is awesome.

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