January 28, 2010

Metawon – Choplifter [Free CD Contest]

Metawon - Choplifter

Producer Metawon’s sophomore album, Choplifter, officially drops February 2nd on Neferiu Records. The massive 20 track undertaking features an impressive line-up of rappers from across Canada, including: Def 3, Chadio, Ghettosocks, Jeff Spec, Cam the Wizzard, Royal T, Planit, Touch and more!

FREE CD Contest:
To celebrate the release we are giving away 5 copies of Metawon’s Choplifter CD, courtesy of Neferiu Records. [Feb 2, 2010: Contest deadline is now over]

1. Three Sevens (Introlude)
2. No Return (feat. Def3)
3. Discriminating Tastes (feat. Chadio and Azrael)
4. Competitive by Nature (feat. Royal T)
5. Diggin’ for Gold (feat. Teekay)
6. Hidden (feat. Midnight Watcher, Deezus and The Vinz)
7. Third Look (feat. Lingo)
8. Right On Time (feat. Jeff Spec and Ghettosocks)
9. Correct Movement (Interlude)
10. Never Change (feat. Deezus)
11. Run Low (feat. Coincidence)
12. Seperation (feat. Theology 3)
13. Quik Lil (Interlude)
14. Real Sirius (feat. Touch)
15. Real Ill (feat. Planit)
16. Zombie Apocalypes (feat. Cam the Wizzard)
17. Joy & Pain (feat. Just B)
18. A Story to Tell (feat. Definite)
19. Best Western Medicine (feat. Lexington + Whatevski)
20. Last Chance (Outrolude)


Metawon - Choplifter [Free CD Contest]

13 Responses

  1. ‘Neferiu’ (neh-FEHR-ee-oo) roughly translated from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead means “Beautiful” so I am honored you made that parallel. 😉

    This album is straight underground canadian rap truth.

  2. For sure. I have it in town with a couple people. Hit me up with a message at [email protected], or leave a message on the metawon facebook wall and one of my brothers will get at you. Thanks!