January 5, 2011

Metawon & The Dirty Sample – Toothface Swaggerfoot

Metawon & The Dirty Sample - Toothface Swaggerfoot

New instrumental album produced by Metawon and The Dirty Sample!

Drunk & crunchy, punching with skunk funky, Toothface Swaggerfoot emerges from the back of the shittiest unknown pawn shop-slash-used book store you have ever seen. The only way to actually enter the shop itself is to ‘truly believe’ at which point you can shift your matter & pass through the walls. It’s that obscure.

Hacking on years of extreme dust exposure, dude grants homies Metawon and the Dirty Sample VIP access to his stash. Then dies.

This collection of tracks is a beat-smithing collaboration between two of the most like-minded, skillful, forward thinking – and straight up filthy hip hop producers coming out of Western Canada. You’ve undoubtedly heard their ill shit on Neferiu Records before. If not, dig this here, then go find the rest.


9 Responses

  1. wow, this shit is serious.

    its an honor and pleasure to have worked with both of these gentlemen in the precious years.

  2. boris its [ay what you want aka free. Thanks guys!
    Lingo, precious years? Or previous years?

  3. You guys get better with every project and year that goes by….always advancing and improving. Keep doin it!