August 31, 2010

Milled Pavement Records – Goose Bumps 4.0

Milled Pavement Records - Goose Bumps 4.0

In stores today! The fourth and final installment of the Goose Bumps compilation series. This time it’s a huge four disc set with 66 tracks from 96 artists, producers and performers from every obscure end of the earth. Purchase and other info at

Disc 1:
Ancient Mith & Mattr.- Berne Dinner
Ira Atari– Move Forwards
MC Homeless & zoën (ft. Swordplay)- I take a long walk
abSUrd– Terrestrial
Aamrt– Sand
zucchini drive (ft. Bleubird, KaeoFLUX & K-the-I???)- 90 min maxell
Hobs Sputnik & Big Bear (prod. by Roger Moll)- Shut Your Mouth
Joel Siméus– Friction Addiction
Strange Powers– Magnet
The Beastmaster– Girls Guns and Glitter
Mike Clouds– The Atlantic
Basic Shapes– Storm Chase
neo.judas & Gajah (ft. Chinch33 & Myk Mansun)- Breakfast Shoplift
John/Cue\Publik– Service Animals
C Money Burns (ft. Billy Hotdogs & Buster Douglas)- The Drizzle
Tree Dusk Muir– Endless

Disc 2:
Brzowski & Moshe– Like Woe (Cyesm Remix)
Henri Mash– Une vision dans la ville (instrumental version)
oskar ohlson (feat. jamesphoney, winterismyname, zoën & filkoe)- melting pot
nomar slevik (prod. by dj extend)- The Habit
Swordplay & MC Homeless (prod. by Funken)- Pedaling
gypsy(moth)project– accidents, you
Th’ Mole– Bouncy Ball (Goersch Remix)
bit-tuner– Death Stripe
Saarpreme – Sturmfrei unter Brücken
partyboobytrap– Yesterday Happened
Roma– Godspeed you fellows
julllo– her heART
isaiah toothaker (prod. by Jamie Laurie)- Revenge
Selfhelp & Aries– Animated Dreams
Cars and Trains– Intimidated by Silence
idepthz– Off Symmentries

Disc 3:
2tungfreshtene– popzilla
Moshe (ft. Epic, tOUCh & Brzowski)- Hey Woman (Remix)
Losaka– Early
Josiah Scribes– Demented
Variex– Penny Jar Cavity
Myn Dwun– Prelude in M (All Business Mix)
One Distant Moment– End of Lies
grovekingsley– Table 17
Substance M– No Brain
Crunk Witch– You Bleed Like A Girl (Heroin Chick Remix)
Gory Pussy– Kitty’s Got Claws
Velvet Sick– Violence For Pleasure
Georg Korg– 2-99 Rap
XNDL– Doom
Wormhole (ft. Nabahe) (prod. by Sapience)- Hybrid Rabbits
Andrre & zoën– Are You Afraid

Disc 4:
Misanthrop– Kein Video auf Youtube
Vik44– Would she?
CVE Riddlore?, Nuvethad, Ngafsh– Pressure
Dez & Nobs– The Product
Sandbag (prod. by Blazin Pete)- Grimace
Factor (feat. Noah23, Def3 & Kay the Aquanaut)- Periodic Tadle
Edison– The Return of the Smallest Parade
Little Eskimo Jesus– Born to Rock
Maki– Vagabond
Chaudfontaine & neo.judas– Boystoy
MC Homeless & zoën– Sophia Loren (Moshe Remix)
Monsieur Sai– Ma Terrienne préférée
geneva.b & Joel Siméus– Honey Wine
jamesphoney, jamesreindeer & Swordplay– stealing loved ones away
Fraud Fix– Islands
A-Frame & Mike Clouds– Stone Church
dj extend– Real Jazz

All Songs Written by respective artists.
Compiled & Mastered by Moshe.

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