April 20, 2010

Nestor Wynrush Ensemble – So High From The Lo

Nestor Wynrush Ensemble - So High From The Lo

Free live-recorded album from Winnipeg’s Nestor Wynrush. Featuring re-interpreted and remixed songs from Wynrush’s catalog. Brought to us via Clothes Horse Records / Marathon of Dope.

Download: Nestor Wynrush – So High From The Lo

Recorded on Dec 7th, 2009 at The Lo Pub in Winnipeg, Canada. “So High From The Lo”, Brings together some of Winnipeg’s best players in support of Nestor Wynrush. The band re-interprets and remixes songs from Wynrush’s catalog. Canadian stalwarts; mcenroe, Kutdown, soso, and Grand Analog get their beats reworked. Stories are shared, drums hit hard, the bass warmly caresses the soul and the Hip Hop Blues smoothly travels down the throat. It was a special night that celebrated Winnipeg Promoter & DJ, DJ Hunnicut’s “turning an age” and the unofficial 15th anniversary of the legendary Canadian Hip Hop label, Peanuts and Corn. Cheap champagne gets popped and a random relationship develops between the intimate audience and Nestor. Come to “Trinnipeg ‘78? as Wynrush gives context to “Guy, I’m from Here” on this live recording. An experience that should not be missed.

Guest vocals: Len Bowen (Lixx Rmx)
Drums: Jason Banman
Guitar: Mark Penner
Bass: Julian Bradford
Conductor/DJ: DJ Hunnicutt
Laughter, crowd comments & applause: DJ Co-op, Pip Skid, Bad Mannas, Al Lorde, etc…
The Host: Cass of Mass Appeal Mondays @ The Lo Pub

3 Responses

  1. winrush is one of my favs in da peg, hes kinda an abstract lyricist which i like when its done properly. i guess thats the thing, it doesn’t seem like its a put on with him. hes just writing the way a true mc would