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May 14, 2009

Nestor Wynrush – Trinnipeg !78

Nestor Wynrush - Trinnipeg !78

Download “So High (The Richardson)”: here

Six years after his debut record, Guy, I’m From Here, Nestor Wynrush raises the curtain on his newest creation, Trinnipeg !78. On this record, Wynrush (the fabulist) rides the rails from Winnipeg to Toronto, rapping bluesology and forgetting his heart on the window seat at every whistle stop. On board the train with Wynrush are some of Western Canada’s elite. Beats on the new album are provided by soso, mcenroe and Odario Williams, with offerings from Kutdown and undercover upstarts Murdock and Lonnie Ce. Guest appearances by JUNO award winner and DMC Canadian champion, DJ Brace and Grand Analog round out the roster.

The songs are an ode to Canadiana in all its subtle, tragic glory. Trinnipeg!78 is a celebration of roots, agonized love and good times. At times Wynrush’s lyrics describe the painful quest for identity in a “multicultural” society — a quest to find one’s voice in a crowded room. Trinnipeg !78 – The place that he was proudly born into.

Look for the album May 19th on Clothes Horse Records.

01. Winnipeg South Blues
02. Accent (Peanut Punch)
03. Coprock
04. Blood Rock
05. So High (The Richardson)
06. High Park Sunrise
07. Ole Mine Town feat. Grand Analog
08. Metro Radio feat. DJ Brace
09. Liks
10. Garbage Hill

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Nestor Wynrush - Trinnipeg !78

14 Responses

  1. dope! big ups ness! wicked album name and ill track titles. Winnipeg South Blues, Garbage Hill hahaha nice.

  2. I have been waiting for this one for 6 long cold years! Anyways I am so excited to finally hear the finished project! Nestor Wynrush is one of my all time favourite mc’s! So excited!

  3. Dope…Nice to hear some New Ness…Last stuff I heard was ”Guy, Im from here” back when.

    Totally diggin the tracklisting names. Speaking of Garbage Hill, the local music scene here in Winnipeg has to bring back COREFEST. The last CoreFest I caught was back in ’99 or ’00 (I think it was the last one).

    It was dope to catch Kittens, Malfaction, Immortal Possession, Tequila Mockingbird, HCE, Mood Ruff and a bunch of other Winnipeg staples at the same spot (and I think Propagandi played there one year as well). Come to think about it, I think this is where I first heard of/seen Mood Ruff.

  4. SlopEye you just took me back to some good memories!!! I forgot about Corefest!!! I remember Skingerbreadman too. I was there for Mood Ruff’s No Hooks video shoot too. That festival was awesome.

    BIG UPS TO MR NESS! nice post, I miss his late night radio show when rappers would spill their guts out n shit.

  5. That radio show was always fun but draining. We had John Smith, Yy, Pip Skid, Hunnicutt plus or homies in studio in some capacity in the early years of the show. Shazzam, P-nut of Dead Indians, Big Bear, Al Lorde(El Negro), Gusto and Fini of Bonafide phoning in regularly to give their two cents.

    Later on it was long ass interviews or call-ins w/ Odario from his Superstore night job. mcenroe & myself arguing. Plus whoever wanted to call in called in and rapped. Kinetik got the fresh new patties from the vinylist that day and we’d break them out. It was fun. Too many crazy stories were shared on there about touring and shady business. Too many. Most times we’d go 45 mins without a record being played. Not always the best idea. But sometimes it worked.

    I can recall getting kicked off the air and helped to organize a radio show where Frek Sho, Mood Ruff and the P & C dudes were all in the studio freestyling. Dj Grasshopper, I think @large and Dialog were the Djs. I edited the program and made a mixtape. “Scene under construction”. That may have been ’99. Made 8 copies.

    Props to Kinetik, one of the funniest and most capable DJs I know. @large and him are kings of the one liner. Listen to their show.

    Anyways –

    CD Release
    May 27th @ The Pyramid in Winnipeg

    Grand Analog “Metropolis IS Burning”
    w/ Nestor Wynrush “Trinnipeg !78”

    Bundown Sound System

    July 18 @ Amigos Saskatoon

    Nestor Wynrush
    *A batch of CDs will have special artwork from Al Lorde