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May 14, 2020

New 7-inch from Rob Crooks, Roads of Texas (Epic & MC Homeless), and Yy & Gruf the Druid

Great new three song 7-inch from Saskatoon Folk Rap Records, featuring an all star cast and available for pre-order now.

Canada: robcrooks.bandcamp.com/album/combat-liberalism-kelowna
USA/Intl.: audiorecon.com/album/combat-liberalism-kelowna

The A-side “Combat Liberalism” is a heart felt prose written, produced, and performed by Rob Crooks from his forthcoming project Introducing the Ghost.

“Kelowna” (produced by Aries) features Canadian rap legend Epic, returning after a 12 year hiatus to join up with MC Homeless as the duo Roads of Texas.

“Let the Air Out” is a bonus unreleased gem from Yy and Gruf The Druid, produced Rob Crooks.