November 25, 2008

Noah23 – Upside Down Bluejay [free download]


Upside Down Bluejay is a new free Noah23 album of rarities from this year and a few from the vault.

Download it here.

1. This A Way That A Way (produced by Lord Kufu)
2. Help (produced by Smear)
3. Smoke (produced by En2ak)
4. Sky Father (produced by Leon Murphy)
5. Lentils (produced by Subtitle)
6. Rice Crispy (produced by Mr Soch)
7. Google Plex (produced by Lmnz
8. Ripe Figs Remix feat. Bleubird (produced by Playpad Circus)
9. Poker Without Cards (produced by Madadam)
10. Fulcanelli (produced by DJ Moves
11. Musical Electric Chairs (produced by Unconventional Science)
12. Bad Acid (produced by Madadam)
13. Emerald Table (produced by K-the-I)
14. Abyss (produced by Dreamcode)
15. Best Bitter (produced by Chuckchee)
16. Anarcho Taoist feat. Livestock (produced by Leon Murphy)
17. House on Wheels feat. Greg Pepper (produced by Madadam & G Pep)
18. Peacock Angel (produced by Madadam)
19. Blue 80 Hut feat. Lord Kufu (produced by Lord Kufu)
20. Ancient Ice (produced by Mr Soch)
21. Sigma Octantis (produced by Savillion)
22. Coming from the Cold feat. Optikz, Sharky & T-Dot (produced by Classified)
23. Aquarius Pharoah ILL Shit Remix (produced by Madadam)

If you would like to contribute financially to this project you may make a donation to thenoah23[at]gmail[dotcom]

Dont forget to pick up Rock Paper Scissors from or iTunes or from Noah23 personally. Look for a vinyl edition next year, as well as European and Eastern U.S. tours.

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