May 12, 2008

Nomar Slevik

Nomar Slevik

Introduce yourself, your region, your skills and your music tastes…

Yo… Nomar Slevik from New England, specifically Freeport, Maine. I produce, write, record and engineer anything audio. I enjoy old country, I have a soft spot in my heart for Ice-T and I’m a huge fan of Grand Buffet and Howard Stern.

I heard that Maine is like the Newfoundland of Canada; people talk differently there and they are culturally pretty distinctive in other ways.

I would say that’s naively correct. Maine has everything from hicks to hipsters. I’m from the hick area originally and as of two years ago I resided with the hipsters… I now live in an extremely touristy area and I hate/love every second of it. I’m not sure where to find comfort.

I can’t think of any other rappers from Maine, are there famous rappers from Maine?

I guess it would depend on your definition of famous. There’s Sole, Alias, DJ Mayonnaise and other Anticon transfers, though Alias and Mayonnaise have since moved back. There’s also my boy J.D.Walker, his wife Sontiago, Brzowski, Moshe, etc… We also got Stephen King and Patrick Dempsey, holla!

Many people might make stylistic comparisons to you and Buck 65, is that a fair assumption?

Interesting, I’ve never thought of that and would have to disagree, where Buck is talented, I humbly deliver auto parts for a living, but it sounds like pretty good company to be with, I love that dude. About 3, 4 years ago I went to one of his shows in Portland, ME. J.D.Walker was opening so I went to support, plus I had never seen Buck live before. As it turns out I end up running the merch table with him while Walker was performing. We gabbed like idiots about production equipment and geeking out over recent underground hip hop releases. Then a moment of clarity befell me when Bob Ludwig (mastering genius to the stars) strolls up to Buck and they greet each other like old friends (Mr. Ludwig mastered Buck’s then Talkin’ Honky Blues and I think he also did Situation). I realized then that I was eons away from any sort of lifestyle involving success with my music.

So, Buck is successful, what do you think you need to do to achieve this level of success?

Ha, I wish I knew. If I did we might have done this interview a few years ago. But the game plan is to keep on keeping on… to keep creating and challenging myself. I also want to keep honing my skills as an engineer.

Sometimes I bitch about wanting to stop working so I can be fully focused on music but a friend of mine told me: “no matter what, you have always been doing your thing. Whether in school, shitty jobs, great jobs, no jobs… you always made your music. Its not suffering as much as you think, it will always be there.” When I get frustrated I think of that and feel a little better.

Were you directly affiliated with the Anticon boom of the late 90s?

Absolutely not. It wasn’t until I met J.D.Walker that there was even some association with someone from the Anticon crew. But I have met Sole, briefly, very nice fellow. Sent him some beats, which he never used (ha!). I met Alias at a show in Portland that Joey Beats and Nobs were headlining. Brzowski, KGB and I were opening for them. He’s a good guy to talk to… and DJ Mayonnaise is one cool motherfucker.

What is “Siq Records“?

Official label statement: “The primary mission of SIQ is to provide alternative platforms for independent artists to distribute their music and media. Launched in the spring of 2007, SIQ Records is a relatively young and refreshing Honolulu, Hawaii based record label with a primary focus on the indie hip hop scene in Hawaii and among other regions in the United States.”

My take is that SIQ Records are a bunch of easy going extremely driven, business minded yet creative individuals. I love them fools. Shout out to Ray, Kenta and Gavin!

Nomar Slevik

What are your feelings on the results on the Democratic primary, do you think that the leadership is in Obama’s palm?

I guess you can’t discount what the super delegates might do, but they may be hard pressed to give their votes to Clinton with Obama being the favorite. With the West Virginia primary coming soon, Clinton could have the double-digit numbers that she needs to win. Fuck her though. Obama is cool, but honestly… I think Ron Paul is the man.

Is US foreign policy too restrictive? Do you think they’re spreading themselves “too thin” so-to-speak?

I think to export democracy as it was intended seems great on paper, but when we have failed to rebuild and stabilize Iraq, especially after Hussain’s defeat we know now that the task is impossible. It should also be noted that dropping US Troops in the middle of the longest holy war ever, can never be a good thing. The US must look like complete idiots to you guys. I’m sorry… we’re not all like that. Just look at Bush’s approval rating.

Is it a good idea to leave Iraq in the state that it’s in now?

No, obviously not, but unfortunately I’m not sure if there is any other option. We need to get out, but should we leave tomorrow? No… but an exit strategy MUST be worked out soon. Get our boys home and worry about the American people for a change. We’re hurting over here. The American dollar is at an all time low. Oil is at an all time high and our current president has implemented an “Economic Stimulus Plan” where all US citizens who filed their taxes this year will get a check real soon for $300, $600, $1500 and more depending on your situation. For the low end, a HUGE percentage is just going to go back into the gas tank making more record profits for Bush’s friends.

What are you working on right now?

Finished and coming out June 17th on Milled Pavement Records is an album I did with my homeboy Moshe called The Tules – A Haunter’s Workshop. He did the production and I did the words. Coming out at the end of the year is a 7” I’m doing with Djs.eased Records called Welcome to Fuckland. Some harder sounding Indy Industrial bullshit. But what has been taking up most of my time lately is this new full length to follow up Sasquatch called The Startling Truth and the Immeasurable Frightening. Long, annoying title I know and I’ll probably change my mind anyway. It does, however, have my favorite beats to date on it with some production by DJ Mayonnaise, DJ Extend, Zoen, SLAP, myself and more. Also with a guest spot from Selfhelp!

Shout outs?

My boys that I rarely talk to anymore, but still love and care about… the great J.D.Walker, Mat Young, Brzowski and Moshe. Big shouts to the lovely Id Obelus, The Mole, SLAP and of course… SIQ, Dis.eased and Milled Pavement Records.

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  1. Always nice to see family on here. My grandmother has commented on my shit, brings a tear to these tired, old eyes!

  2. Woordski.
    Never heard of this fellow, but judging by the two jams posted, its right up my alley.
    Good read.

  3. Dat’s my boy!

    Look forward to the new albums…

    you coming to see Agent8 + V8 tonite?