November 23, 2010

Onry Ozzborn

Onry Ozzborn (Dark Time Sunshine)

Onry Ozzborn + Zavala = Dark Time Sunshine
When he’s not engaging in activities like extreme snowmobiling or horseshoe flinging, Onry’s rocking the crowd with a laid-back but energetic live show alongside producer Zavala with Dark Time Sunshine. Onry drops a few words on the virtues of the internet for long distance music making, upcoming tour info, and other ruffian activities.

For people who aren’t familiar with Onry Ozzborn, give us a brief history of your career as an emcee.

Onry Ozzborn has been making albums since the early 1900’s with Oldominion, Grayskull, and solo as well (One, Alone, Inbetween, The Grey Area, Norman, Deadlivers, Bloody Radio, and FaceFeeder) just to name a few.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m in the works now of releasing my newest Onry Ozzborn material (also through Fake Four Inc.) here in December and January.

What do you do outside making music?

Outside of music we dart, crossbow, javelin, horseshoe, line dance, yodel, tree climb, steer ride, fence, and sometimes triple jump snow mobiles. We are skilled in many of maylay.

How did Dark Time Sunshine start? What does the name refer to?

Dark Time Sunshine (Cape Cowen & Zavala) started a couple of years ago when I met Zavala through Sleep while Z was working on Sleep’s Hesitation Wounds album. I came up with the name just off of the feel &moods that came out of Zavala’s music. He has this organic, golden era like sound combined with a dark pop-like electro sound. Its nothing like I’ve ever heard before.

Dark Time Sunshine incorporates a few different elements such as a producer who has a hand in the live aspects of the show. Given the distance between you and Zavala, how do you coordinate live shows? How do you put together the transitions and more dynamic parts of the show?

We decide everything together. From the albums to the shows. I have the final say on everything vocally, and he has it on all the music, interludes, transitions, etc. The group is truly producer and emcee. Thanks to the internet, the distance matters not. Not seeing each other everyday actually helps us to stay excited and not over expose ourselves. Everything remains somewhat fresh and new.

What’s next for Dark Time Sunshine?

Zavala’s instrumental album, another US tour around Feb/Mar, Europe tour in early Summer, and a new DTS album in the first half of 2012.

How do you balance life and touring?

I’ve been touring for like 10 years now so I’ve grown accustomed on how to go about it and such. Zavala on the other hand got thrown right in out of nowhere. We did 7 months of touring this year alone and he had never really been out. He fit right in like he had been doing it his whole life though. We’re built for this.

A lot of the lyrics you write for DTS seem to center around observations and day to day insights. How do you go about penning lyrics for Dark Time Sunshine and is there a common thread thematically with the project?

When writing to Zavala’s music I just try to capture what the beat is saying. I think every piece of music already has words that go to it, the challenge is to find the best choices and most appropriate ones for each.

How did you link up with Fake Four?

Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four founder and such) is a friend of mine; and after doing some research on the type of innovative.. original music his groups put out I just felt that DTS would go along perfect with his program. I reached out to him and the rest is history.

Pink Floyd or Bauhaus?

Conway Twitty

Shout outs:

Shout out to D.J Jettyn Byoi, The Slethins, Heathcliff Cleethlett, Little Terry, D.J. Jettyn Gore, 50 Tyson,, Big Puns Ghost, Fake Four, Redeye, and to all our fans.

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