Interview with Sandpeople + Oldominion member IAME aka Wool See.

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Los Feo Faces – WotDogLikeGo Episode 13 (ft. Chicharones, JFK, Everybody Knows)

TV show from the Los Feo Faces collective. This episode focuses on the 2010 Swine & Dash tour with Josh Martinez, ...

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Sleep of Oldominion – “Substances” – feat. Ceschi & Onry Ozzborn

From Sleep’s new album Oregon Failure, dropping on Strange Famous Records April 15th.

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Onry Ozzborn – No Hoax: Part 1

First three tracks from Onry Ozzborn's new free album, No Hoax. Being released in 4 parts, the first set features production from Oldominon crew alum Mr. Hill, Smoke M2D6 & Nickels Hawkeye and Sapient of Sandpeople...

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Onry Ozzborn

The emcee half of Dark Time Sunshine (with Zavala) drops a few words on the virtues of long distance music making, upcoming tours, and other ruffian activities.

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JFK (Grayskul/Oldominion) – “12 Years”

New track from JFK's (aka Ninjaface) debut album Building Wings on the Way Down. Track produced by Seattle's Bean One (Dyme Def, the Roots, Jurassic 5). The album drops June 1...

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Sleep – “Orchestra of Strangers” video

“Orchestra of Strangers” is the first official video from Sleep of Oldominion’s Hesitation Wounds, out now on Strange Famous. Directed by ...

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Grayskul & Maker – Graymaker

JFK & Onry Ozzborn (Oldominion), better known as Grayskul, have teamed up with producer Maker (Galapagos4) to form Graymaker! The new album features Awol One, Qwazaar, and Zavala...

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Sleep – Hesitation Wounds + download track feat. Del

Sleep's third album, Hesitation Wounds, is due out June 30 on Strange Famous Records. Download the single featuring Del.

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New Strange Famous Records website + Free Buddy Peace album download

Strange Famous Records has a brand new re-designed website up and have also announced a new roster that includes Sleep (of ...

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Onry Ozzborn (Oldominion)

OB1: Oldominion is a massive crew and I’ve seen reports of anywhere from 9 to 13 members. How many people are ...

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