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October 20, 2009

Grayskul & Maker – Graymaker

Grayskul & Maker - Graymaker

JFK & Onry Ozzborn (Oldominion), better known as Grayskul, have teamed up with producer Maker (Galapagos4) to form Graymaker! The new album features Awol One, Qwazaar, and Zavala (Dark Time Sunshine) and drops Tuesday, October 27th. A special pre-order package is available from the Strange Famous Records store

Download the first single “Crazy Talk”:

1. Mars Voltage
2. Crazy Talk
3. We Android
4. Bread & The Wine
5. Revenge Of The Alleybastards (feat. Awol One)
6. Duece Duece
7. Let’s Go Head & Go Do That
8. In The Know
9. Machine (feat. Qwazaar)
10. Bloodwork
11. Drapes (feat. Zavala (of Dark Time Sunshine))

14 Responses

  1. I have a grayskulls album kicking around on my computer. Its pretty dope shit. But I know nothing about the dudes. Whats the history of them?

  2. Didn’t they all change their rap names for the grayskul album (and again for the second one) in some attempt to separate their personas on those albums from their old careers or something like that? In which case this new album possibly makes no sense?

    Always thought Grayskul shit was a little tedious to listen to for the most part though, and this fits in there.

  3. As far as i know they’ve used the same alias’ across their records. I have the Rhymesayers released one from a couple years back….only track i was really digging was “Prom Queen” single. Maker is a favorite of mine though…so I have a feeling i’ll like this record a lot more.

  4. ^ Yeah Qwel’s one of my top 5.
    Have you heard the new Qwel/Maker that just dropped in September called “So Be It” …? Best album they have made by far, and I REALLY liked “The Harvest”. Also, all the Glue albums…? Maker is really dope..

  5. Damn..i didn’t know this joint was already set to drop. them boys work quick!

    this album is super raw tho. for those who don’t know, i’ve retained my music lovers membership card so i’m a fan first always. which means i tend to be critical and cold blooded when cats ask me about another artists music (and my own) .. basically i don’t generally hold nuts or give the politically correct response.

    but i’ve heard the album and the joint is indeed super raw from front to back. i know what cats mean by being “tedious” to listen too.. just layers and layers of syllables, flows , rhymes along with everything else sometimes somethings can be hard to digest.

    this is their dopest album in my opinion because for one, the beats are raw.. they’re good..and they sound good as fuck audio wise. and just the whole layout with the transitions between songs and vocal samples are on point. another thing that stood out to me was that JFK switches his flows up alot more on this album so the chemistry between JFk and Onry sounds allot fresher to the ear so the songs end up each having their own life in a sense. a lot easier to listen to and digest than the creature album in my opinion. one of the few hiphop albums i’ve had in constant rotation this year…along with DK’s new album (that’s right i said it Balzac).. and the so be it joint .. Maker’s putting in some serious work.. aight i’m gone… too much talking about other peoples shit.. i need to go finish my own.

    p.s. this album made me a fan of Awol as well..

    1. ^^^
      yes, finish your own please.

      i still jam to “walk through walls”, shits sick

      been waiting for something new, i wasn’t feeling that live band steeze you were doing last year.

  6. Word up to Qwazaar, I’m with Balzac on this. I want to hear a new Qwazaar that’s on some old Typical Cats/Walk Thru walls steeze. That is a great album. Tour Canada for fucks sake.

    I really like Graysukll though, a little surprised people find it hard to digest. Deadlivers is sick front to back.