Nov 6, 2009

Sleep – “Orchestra of Strangers” video



  1. max prime

    damn, i forgot sleep has ridiculous delivery skills

  2. Was that sample used in Sixtoo’s Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man?
    I think so!

  3. I could write a 4,345 page book containing list upon list of samples that have been used more than once. Did he flip it the same?

    It’s 2009, theres six trillion producers digging through the same crate…that sort of thing doesnt necessarily matter anymore (Assuming of course, the producer didnt realize..if he did know it was used, and still flipped it…well then thats just being boring/lazy in my opinion.)

  4. I absolutely agree!
    Just wanted to point that out…

  5. Jar3tt

    Ain’t nothin’ like a good sleep


  6. jibbajab

    Man, Sleep wrecks mics!

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