November 2, 2009

Open Mike Eagle – Another Roadside Attraction EP


Free download EP from Open Mike Eagle (Swim Team/Project Blowed) featuring production from Mike Eagle, UK’s Awkward, Alwayz Prolific, and the Swim Team’s Kuest1. Guest raps by Nocando, Rogue-Venom, and Rift Napalm (Galapogos4).


Open Mike Eagle is the latest in an illustrious line of MCs to step out of the Los Angeles underground and onto the national stage. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Open Mike cut his teeth rapping with fellow Big Shoulder City MCs the Nacrobats, which included Pugslee Atomz, Psalm One, and Cosmo Galactus. After moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Mike settled in with LA’s Project Blowed, co-founding the crews Thirsty Fish and the Swim Team, while earning a rep as both an intelligent rhyme writer and a formidable battle MC. Gifted with a facile style, knack for droll wordplay, and penchant for penning memorable hooks that recalls fellow Blowed alums Myka 9 and Abstract Rude, Open Mike Eagle presents art rap for the masses. More info: +

1. Bloody Show
2. Career Advice
3. The Ballad of Netty Armstrong
4. Combustible Party Truck ft. Rift Napalm, Rogue Venom & Nocando
5. The Shoulder Shrug
6. Gratefultude
7. Sacrifices
8. The Financial Crisis Song (We’re in a Recession/Beat-theft Mix) Stolen from Bullion

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