February 14, 2011

Alex Pathetic (Rapewolf) – Rape Wolf In Compton

Rape Wolf - Rape Wolf In Compton

Free LP from Machina Muerte member Alex Pathetic aka Rape Wolf. The album’s features include Isaiah Toothtaker, SerpDot, Existereo, Barfly, Nate NoFace (Crime Killz), Hazard, and Sirah. Production by Awkward, Innaspace, Nate Noface, and The Briefcase.


64 Responses

    1. It is the worst name… he should stick to Alex Pathetic. It’s kinda like white dudes calling themselves da lench mob. Since it’s mainly bitch/cunt/faggot type of raps, maybe he did it as a courtesy so listeners alienated by the name/title don’t have to waste time listening to the music?

    1. “try to be original” you moron, like i said, ive been doing this shit waaaaay before there was a wolfgang, not “im older then them” use your brain dipshit, if you did youd realize I DONT RAP ABOUT RAPE, there is very few references to rape in the record, THE SONG “RAPE WOLF IN COMPTON” HAS NO REFERENCES TO RAPE, i am NOT from cali, i also wasnt aware that oddfuture were the first rap group to degrade gays and be “shocking”(which i do neither of, but of course you jump to conclusions with out listening like a champ), as far as it being a bad look putting out this record after them kids blew up?, i cant disagree there, but what ima do? not put it out because of that? eat dicks faggot

    2. yes, i am extremely angry over a random rap fags opinions on my most awesome musics, ARRGGGG!!! NOOOO!!!! I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU UP I AM SO ANGRYYYYY!!! shutup homo

    3. you didnt understand the homo part? well atleast you can admit your a confused faggot, hiphop has helped you find comfort in your homosexuality, if you hurry up and donate to kool herc you will win mtvs ultimate hiphop faggot challenge!

  1. quit crying fags, yes its supposed to be alienating, theres a song called “i cant stands hiphop”, do the math buttfuckers, its not rocket science

    wolfgang bite? eat dicks, i been doing this shit before there was a wolfgang, tho i can understand why one would assume that, but assuming is faggot shit,so stop

    1. Yeah clearly you been doing it since the six month period in 2007 when every indie band had wolf in its name and it seemed like a clever joke to ape that but you wanted to out-shock AIDS Wolf.

      Congratulations, you’re pushing cultural boundaries by treating rape like a joke and flinging homophobic insults like a child. Like every motherfucker lamping in a sports bar anywhere across this great continent.

      You are the status quo. Suck it off, tough typist.

    2. wolf in name = check
      rap about rape = check
      degrade gay people = check
      try to be shocking = check
      from cali = check

      you may be older than wolf gang but releasing this now is a weak look.

  2. yeah um, never listened to indie bands so i cant recall those 6 months, sorry smart guy, secondly, the whole rapewolf thing stems from a fucking inside joke you dipshit, there was no artistic thought behind it, no one was TRYING to do anything, quit being an over analytical faggot, you are not smart, you are not special, your input is based on nothing other then you trying to pump your own ego with the faggot shit that keeps you from committing suicide ona daily basis, but i dont blame you, id be a miserable queerbot if i had your life as well

    who the fuck wants to push cultural boundaries? im just trying to laugh faggot, it aint that serious, get a life loser

    1. aka “im a stupid rap fag with nothing relevant to say, and you helped me realize what a dipshit i have been, but instead of owning up to it, banishing my faggot ways, and starting a new more productive life, i will listen to nas, pretend i feel a struggle, sob, and use my faggot tears as lube while i jerk off to illmatic in attempt to escape my sad reality”

      its ok faglord, not everyone can be as cool as me, keep it moving

    2. why thank you sir gaybar, that is the plan, i mean, who the fuck wouldnt enjoy being 11 forever? remember how fun life was at 11? or wait, maybe those were the years your father touched you the most and made you wear that weird mask that smelled like festering transient bacterias? sucks for you,point is,maturity is for pussys, grow the fuck down fagwad

    3. Holy shit dude, can you blink the tears back for five fucking seconds? You came out with a schtick designed to be unimpressive to people like me, and it worked. Go high five your cock alone somewhere and quit being mad that someone thinks your abrasive bullshit is wack.

      Take the time you are using to type the word “faggot” and use it instead to develop a flow. You are almost there.

    4. jesse stop hitting me up on twitter you homo, im glad you dont like the record, thats great, mission accomplished on my part, me pointing out what a loser fag you are has nothing to do with raps, it has to do with the fact that you are a lifeless loser fag, get it?

      you say things like “develop a flow”, your a rap fag, go ona diet, do some pushups, make the quality of your life better instead of rap fagging it up, blaming me for your shitty existence wont help you health issues

    5. Yo George Bush, usually after “mission accomplished” you don’t stay in the cut for eight more fucking years.

      It’s a rare event when I’m not the most offended person in the room. Congratulations, you’re more sensitive than a rap fag.

    6. you only mistake my boredom for sensitivity because it helps you feel better about your horrible life, and also because your a fag

  3. Since when has rap become so PC?! Y’all can go sit on an upside down bar stool and then roll around in barbwire with “Magic” Johnson and maybe some of those AIDS will rub-off on you…

    1. Your statement is not helping the progression of our culture. As the leaders of tomorrow, we must take our positioning serious and use all our focus and energy on developing a peaceful society. Our goals must be to further mankind in our quest to be closer to the creator. PRAISE GAIA!!

  4. Name was hilariously ballsy and I wanted to like it just off the cover, but man, I can’t even understand what the dude is rapping about. It really reminded me of that joke track on Party Fun Action Committee by the Mystikal Knights of the Lyrical Lyrics or whatever…definitely reminded me of some Anticon stuff, too.

    I mean, maybe. I don’t even know what he was actually saying.

  5. your gonna ruin your life you continue this dude. don’t say i didn’t warn you. take a year off everything just to straighten yourself out and work on how you handle yourself, seriously. maybe then come up with a good normal rap name, and then you can make some music that more than one person will like.

    IP might be an egomaniac, but at least his own naive beliefs got him in check. You really really got to learn some self-discipline before you become self-destructive

    1. and this is why homeless people should be outlawed from using the internets

      fucking creepy weirdo go away

  6. LOL.

    This guy is great.

    Why do rap dudes get so panty tied when someone gives an opinion about them on a blog post.


    You should stick around bro. You seem like a big dooshbag and the novelty of picking on IP is wearing off.

    1. yes, i am very bothered by the fact that some people do not like this record, when i recorded it i was under the impression that this would be something special that mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, boyfriends and girlfriends could listen to together when spending quality time bonding, i am absolutely mortified by this revelation, and just cant not believe that anyone would be of offended/not entertained, i have failed miserably….

      the fuck is an IP? thats the second time one of you fruitballs mentioned that name, lemme guess, this salty fag also goes by ip and you buttfuckers are his buddys? YAAAY INTERNETS HIPHOP COMMUNITIES STICKS TOGETHERS TO FIGHTS CRIMES…CABAGE

  7. 1. I wish I was still 11. My Haro Master was fucking dope, or maybe I had a Hutch Trickstar then, either way my bike woulda ruled
    2. Faglord is a way underated insult
    3. Didn’t check this but the comments are golden, I really enjoyed the attempts to give Rapewolf some life advice

  8. I’m with you on the whole Alienating thing. LOL@ “very few references to rape” I haven’t peeped this so ignore my ignorance. I’ll check it after work.

  9. i don’t care for the word rape either,but i like rapewolf.i didnt listen to his whole album yet.but he seems like he has some serious potential to cause controversy.It just so happens that this is one of the worst sites in hip hop to gay bash on,so that was sort of a promotional mix up.but yo, i like the punk rock attitude.let these glam rappers know the deal wolfman.

  10. A neutral word of advice, when attempting to brand someone online as less intelligent than yourself, try to use proper spelling/grammar–it works wonders in creating that illusion.

  11. nobody seems upset by Tyler The Creator..he says alot of off the mark stuff…good tho.
    beats are fantastic tho and Megabusive kills it.

  12. sometimes people take hip hop and themselves too seriously.they also want things spelled out and to be easily digestible.
    This is a fun lp that isnt meant to be taken as a serious artistic statement.Saying that,there is more to this release that meets the ear and eye.
    Music for consenting adults..not psuedo internet rap scholars on their high horse dishing out advice on free speech.
    Its funny every body is falling over themselves about Odd Future when some of their content is also against the grain.
    I understand the offensiveness of the title but you really need to listen before jumping off on a crusade….hip hop needs a kick up its backside.

    1. hahahha, if you re-read the comments, i see maybe 2 people “offended” by the content. personally i love rap that pushes the boundaries of free speech and tries to make the listener uncomfortable. everyone else is just having fun with rapewolf flying off the handle thinking we actually give a fuck about his shitty record.

  13. lol i bet rape wolf get alot of this treatment everywhere he goes. thats he’s quick to respond

  14. ahahahahah what the fuck…was this an effort from Noyz or Jon B. to get us to read articles or news entries? Dude quit acting like a bitch, I’ve never seen someone get so butt-hurt over a couple comments on a small website. I really don’t understand the Odd Future comparison other than the word Wolf in your name, Odd Future is actually dope, you on the other hand make some reeeeeally shitty music. I listened to it before I read the shitstorm of comments so your childish handling of the situation had no effect on how I perceived your music. Get used to people dissing you ya sensitive ass mufucka.

  15. you fags are idiots, i dont make records i expect people to like, i make records that i think are funny to entertain myself,period, “meltdown” fuck out of here you loser haha, its funny to me to see you buttfuckers take shit so serious, this faggot jesse going as far as to hitting me up on twitter multiple times(stop it you creepy homo)

    ive done nothing but laugh, i was bored and entertained by you idiots, thank you for being predictable hiphop fags, your parents must be proud of all your accomplishments in life haha

    IM SO SENSITIVE!! hahaha pussys



    3. had to fix my spelling because im stupid if i cant spell, AND STUPID AINT HIPHOP!, ima go listen to some canibus, step my bars up homeboy,peep game, IM THE LYRICAL ORACLE MY ORIGINS ARE ORBITAL!!

  16. i think they read properly, but theyre fag brains process information all gay like, its ok, i feel sorry for theyre mothers(menace clerk voice)

  17. oh and nobody was comparing this lp to odd future in terms of sound…more along the lines of saying what the fuck you want,musical freedom.thats the comparison i would make.

  18. what the fuck thats 4 or 5 posts in a row..thats not hip hop.its offensive.I’m offended and Im on the record.WHAT THE F@CK. Infact its my fault..I made theses beats to offend.They are offensive.and childish.
    I intentionally make beats to offend,in a serious way.

  19. yeah im blaming you for these homos not liking the record, cause its clearly not my awesome raps, i am so angry at you now, HIP HOP CULTURE SPELLED WITH A K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!