Nov 4, 2008

Roddy Bailey aka mcenroe – “All Over Again” [video]


Newest video from the Edge Of Town LP from Roddy Bailey. Directed by Roddy and shot by Phil Lanyon.

“I woke up one morning with the idea for a video with four squares where the four characters traded lines for the song. Each square is all one shot, no cuts. Shot all but the store in one day in May, then shot the store in July. I think.”

Watch the HD version of the video here. Get the LP at

Roddy Bailey aka mcenroe – Edge Of Town
Roddy Bailey aka mcenroe – “Edge Of Town”


  1. ceej

    I like this!

  2. max prime

    good vid. better than the last.

  3. SKZA

    Yeah, the song doesn’t really appeal to me much personally, but the video is really fresh and creative. Good stuff.

  4. Chaps

    All around dopeness!

  5. heywoodjablome

    dope video
    very creative.
    as skizz stated not a a song that appeals to me.

  6. chadp

    got my cd in the mail on friday really diggin all of it. inst disc is nice too.

    dope video

  7. I got the album last week, and put it on my iPod. Rod still makin’ good stuff for the headphones.
    I’m really taken by this vid. So solid.

  8. Chuch

    the new Canadian Moby!

  9. Baggylean

    Great work. Really very creative video concept. I’d expect it to be ripped off by someone else very soon.

  10. chuch hit the nail on the head with the canadian moby comment.

    this vid is really cool.

  11. lalala

    This VIDEO is amazing

  12. super creative vid.

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