June 26, 2008

Roddy Bailey aka mcenroe – “Edge Of Town”

Rickety Rod in full effect! First song from Roddy Bailey’s new album, Edge Of Town. Shot using stills at night, 4-8 second exposure, painstaking lip sync. Directed and edited by Rod Bailey. More info at peanutsandcorn.com.

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  1. mcenroe is one of my alltime fav artists

    so i’m hurt deeply hearing wack shit like this from him

  2. woah. must say i’m quite disapointed in this. it reminds me of that terrible buck 65 song Devils Eyes. Why must once credible Hip Hop artists go so damn emo/hipster/scenester.

  3. I like this… mcenroe can do whatever the fuck he wants. People should go and re-read his interview on here

  4. He can do what he wants but it doesn’t mean people have to like it.

    It just seems forced/fake to me and it also makes me question his previous releases’s…..just being honest….sometimes I think people hide behind the ‘artist evolution’ front when really they are just trying to appeal to popular trends.

  5. I hear what you all are saying on two fronts: If someone hip-hop I liked did this, I would probably react the same way. I wont defend the music itself, in that if you dont like it, you dont like it. No worries there. This particular song has more minimal (rinky dink) production than the rest of the record, but its pretty much what I’m going for.

    But its not forced or faked. I dont know who will like this, I really dont. I dont know what other music this sounds like and I am not going after some other crowd. I just found that writing raps got really limiting in how I wanted to write songs, how I want to express my fucked up view of the world and how it fits my personality and twisted sense of humor. Sometimes being a big shot ego-centric rapper felt forced or faked to me, this does not.

    Hurtbag, I would be very curious to know how this would make you question previous releases? I stand behind everything I have done 100% up to this point and am very proud of the records I have produced, and would be glad to answer those questions regarding previous releases.

    So thanks for the feedback. peace

  6. Just in the sense that it’s such a style switchup. Like when Ice Cube went hollywood – to me it just let some of the air out of his earlier work. It’s just a personal opinion; and that comment was more of a general idea than being personally directed at you.

    I mean if you are happy with it that’s all that really matters right?

    I have lots of P&C material and I actually think Mcenroe, John Smith and CF Crew at Anasazi’s in Edmonton was the first rap show I went to so it’s all goody.

    It just seems like alot of artists are going this route (Why?, Cage, Camu Tao – before he unfortunately passed away, Buck 65) to appeal to that indy rock crowd.

    If you aren’t that’s cool, these are just observations.

  7. Just out of curiosity,

    How do you find rap limiting as far as song writing goes?

    There’s way more lyrics in a rap song than a song like this – that comment struck me as odd cause one of the main reasons I like rap so much is because it has limitless song style capabilities.

  8. I hear you on the style switchup. I have felt the same way many times. Buck in particular. But I’m not here saying hip-hop sucks or whatever, or I’m better than hip-hop now, etc. Its just a change.

    The funny thing is, when Bird heard an early mix of the album in December, he was like “this really isn’t all that different from what you did before”. And it isn’t in terms of style, tone, themes, production. Its just that I sing, not rap. If you heard “Sleepwalking” on disenfranchised, it could fit on this album.

    But disenfranchised is a rap album, and when you rap about what I want to rap about, it comes off as preachy, depressing. Not always but it wears you out.

    And I always held the belief that you could say MORE with rap because of what you say, Hurtbag, because there are more lyrics. But that is also limiting. You cant do an 8 line song. This song, “Edge of Town”, has like 12 lines. And I am basically saying “the city is fucked, id rather live in an abandoned building and fuck you all” and thats all I want to say. I couldn’t do it as a rap, I’d go into great detail, ultimately make a silly metaphor or pop culture reference and ruin the vibe. I’m sure someone could do it but its not the same thing. Not to mention the musician in me wanting to explore melody and harmony.

    Maybe this song isn’t the best example of the record as a whole, but the vibe is there. This song is really synthetic sounding and minimal, others are fuller with big drums and rhythms. But the tone is right on, these simple, dark little pop songs that have been so fun to write. I also picked it because it had the fewest lines to lip sync!

    I’m not turning my back on hip-hop, I will keep producing my friends Smitty, Pip, Yy, Gruf, Bird, Ness. Open to new artists too, I love to produce records. Would like to produce bands and other singers. Just loving music again.

    Thanks for the dialog.

  9. Word up, that makes sense. I guess I just assumed you were on the tip that Buck and Cage were saying things like they don’t like rap and don’t like rapping over sampled beats.

    Plus you get marks in my books for the ‘going against the grain like bad religion’ line.

  10. Rap is changing. Get over it. There is a huge back catalog of shit to listen to if you cant.

  11. If I was in a metal band and decided to release a country album out of the blue that doesn’t mean the metal genre is changing you dumbass.

  12. I kind of like this. would be better if he rapped on the end though. the beat is really great.

    big muck sounds like someone who doesn’t go to rap shows just complains about rap on the internet.

  13. I’m not a big fan of the song, but all my favorite artists have released stuff I didn’t like at some point. Roddy has the best attitude towards it, he knows some people will hate it – some people will like it. Only pop stars release stuff hoping to please everyone.

  14. on second listen i don’t like this song at all but i’m glad mcenroe is back making music.

  15. dope video, very well executed (if only I could say the same about the song – sorry mcenroe).

  16. It’s all just opinions. I personally relate and appreciate the ‘classic’ mcenroe approach for the same reasons he is moving in new directions.

    I miss Fermented Reptile so fucking much.

    I’m exscited to check the new album!

  17. i like the song. at first i didnt. but i know what mcenroe is saying. with rap it seems you have to expand on a thought so much to make a whole song. this kind of reminded me of elliot smith. that might be a bad comparison but whatever.
    i think the reason people arent feeling it in general is because people have been waiting for another disenfranchised style LP for so long.. either way i will buy this when it comes out.

  18. certainly not what i would have expected, but i like it. i like the video too…

  19. i think i like mcenroe singing better then rapping. the drums/percussion are cool… instrumentation is minimal and nice.. the keyboards can sound a touch enya though.

    like he said, its really not a far off stretch from what he was evolving into anyway… it doesn’t sound forced

    video was neat.

    interested in hearing this whole album

  20. video is cool.

    beat is best described by mcenroe himself : “rinky dink”

    raps are….not there.

    i’m not down with singing.

  21. i don’t mind singing, but only if the singing is good
    i’m not big into art fag shit.

  22. I’ve already seen this a few times, had a minute to think about it, etc. Like it or not, I don’t think you could have a more honest artistic expression from the homie at this point. Even before we did “Get It Done” together, this was the shit Roddy was on. You gotta break some eggs to make a sandwich or whatever. People move on, it happens…

    And Heywood, why don’t you throw the word f_g around a little more and go burn a cross on someone’s lawn while you’re at it? Small town toyboy hick motherfucker. Listening to tough guy music doesn’t make you a tough guy, rap promoter.

  23. art fag shit hahaha
    im not into the internet message board fag shit. queerjablome

  24. bird quit crying lots of people use the term art fag and it has nothing to do with a persons sexuality.
    i understand you have to stick up for mcenrore, but weak personal attacks are ridiculous.
    p.s tough music??
    i listen to rap, and last i checked this was a rap message board.

  25. your vancoo homiez are all a bunch of gay bashers. Go tell them to STFU instead of one post from homey on here. Fag. You even say gay in a derogatory way in your raps so STFU.

  26. your vancoo homiez are all a bunch of gay bashers. Go tell them to STFU instead of one post from homey on here. Fag. You even say gay in a derogatory way in your raps so STFU.

    you really lost me???
    my vancouver homies????
    last i checked i wasn’t a rapper????
    forgot to take your happy pills???

  27. Pretty sure that comment was addressed to me, Jablome.

    Bird In The Hand, I don’t know you. I’d be surprised if you knew any of my “Vancoo homies”.

    If you did, you’d know I happily tell them to STFU on the regular. On a variety of subjects. They can confirm this for you if you doubt it.

    If I’ve said anything in the past in my music that you’ve taken to be homophobic, you’ve misheard, misinterpreted or taken my lyrics out of context. I could be wrong though. You probably know my material better than I do.

    Heywood, the comment jumped out at me. It reminded me of some high school jock shit. Considering we all have worked together here and there, I found it petty. There’s a good chunk of criticism above your post that I have no problem with. Lots of it is from people I know.

    Unlike them, you talk like some anonymous dude leaving a youtube comment.

  28. Love the song Rod. The video is crazy!! great work all around. Im pumped for the new lp.

    It never crossed my mind that this was a “Change” in style, or a ploy to appeal to other crowds. Although, I hope everyone from everywhere enjoys it. I think thats the aim when releasing a record.

  29. bird i never meant my comment as an attack or “high school jock shit”
    as i stated above, there are various meanings behind the term art fag.
    most of which have nothing to do with a persons sexual orientation.
    maybe i should have chosen my words more carefully??
    but that was the best term to get my point across.
    hope this clears things up.

  30. I’ll go back and listen later maybe i’ll like it again.
    this is the most hype around a song since the pete rock and run dmc.

  31. you know what on second though it’s all good if mcenroe wants to switch his style up. there’s no need in rapping if it feels forced and i respect that he came on here and addressed the negative comments in a constructive manner, that’s dope. i think i get a better idea of why some rappers choose to go this rout but to me i just don’t get it or like it. maybe it’s cause i can never see myself getting bored with rapping…. to me the limitations are non existant and i find new ways to rap/flow all the time, new styles to flip and new subjects to rap about which always keeps it interesting. i just don’t get how someone who excels at rapping could get sick of it but just like anything else, the right thing to do if your heart ain’t in it is to find something else that drives you and if this is what drives and inspires mcenroe these days well i guess we should all just be happy that he(as such an influential figure in canadian rap) has found a way to stay motivated to make music even if many of us don’t like it. at the same time though we certainly have the right to criticize anything made public, such as this video, especially if it comes from an artists we all have listened to and enjoyed at some point in the past. i mean imagine if, seemingly out of nowhere (to everyone that isn’t personal friends of them), a group like Slayer decided switch up and make dance/pop music…people who grew up loving the style that got them where they are today in terms of popularity would be losing their minds and filling every forum known to man with negative criticism. so in a sense if mcenroe or any other artist switched their style up (i know it’s been said that this was a gradual change but to old school roddy fans, who ain’t personal friends, this came out of nowhere) they gotta know that they’ll alienate a good portion of their former fan base and will most definetly receive plenty of criticism for changing from a style that people grew to love and got used to to something that many hip hop such as myself, who for the most part only like rap, do not like at all. That being said, mcenroe couldn’t have taken the criticism better and i’m glad he responded because at least i can respect the new approach now even if it’s not something I’ll listen to.

  32. ^^^^^
    Agreed, Do whatever makes you happy. I just don’t understand how you can sing a song over a electro beat and it’s considered rap. This song isn’t really a rap song, hes not rapping, he’s singing. Maybe if it were being marketed as a pop album people would be a little more forgiving considering how dope the P&C legacy was/is and the high expectations that come along with being held in such high regard.

  33. Royal-T – great points. It isn’t a rap song, and just because I used to make rap songs (and may again in the future) doesn’t mean that anyone that likes my raps has to like this. they dont. I definitely opened myself up to criticism by making it, and especially by posting it here, a rap website. Its all good.

    The slayer point is also a good one, although a little more extreme that this. about 2 years ago I made a bunch of beats, and instead of raps popping in my head, melodies did, and i went with it.

    plusthemic – this isn’t a rap song, and its not a rap album. it wont be marketed as a rap album. its kind of here more as a curiosity to people who know me. one thing i am struggling with is what to label it as, genre wise, when i market it (post-rap?). Its also why I am calling myself Roddy Bailey, it wouldn’t be right to call myself mcenroe as that is my rap name and this is not rap.

  34. ^^
    I usually don’t like to say anything when it comes to artists I respect (especially online) I wasn’t sure if this song was supposed to be some sort of pretentious commentary against tradional rap because that seems to be a current trend lately but now hearing what your actual intentions are with your musical direction than than rock on — Obviously you respect hip hop enough to not do something like that, you are mcenroe for fuck sakes .. Ayways you’ll do pretty good with music like this people really like this kind of stuff nowadays.

    respect to you and the rest of the fam, P&C will always be one the illest.

  35. Sleepwalking was my favorite song on Disenfrancised; however, I am not really feeling this.

    I guess that means I’ll be checking for the album.

  36. ^^^

    I feel sorry for you because you probably wear girls jeans and listen to Arcade Fire.

  37. haha yo pussthemic, do you go around cruising websites lookin to start shit with everyone that has an opinion..
    i also feel sorry for people who only listen to rap.
    just because i listen to other music doesnt mean im down with the arcade fire and tight jeans..
    i think it makes sense to try and listen to as much music as possible, especially because rap is influenced by so many other genres.
    wheres would we be without soul, jazz, blues and all that ?

  38. I love arcade fire. and you guys are all fags. all of you.

    this vid is sick. the song’s kinda growing on me.

  39. So just because somebody doesn’t like this that automatically makes them ignorant to all other forms of music?

    I listen to all types of shit from old country, to mid 90’s punk, even the odd death metal band has some good shit on the go, old blues and rock. There are great artists in all genres – the thing is, any other form of ‘music’ actually takes practice and some form of musical knowledge.

    The ability to play an instrument, read music, understanding of song structure and even vocal training.

    I could easily see somebody in a band working hard on making new songs, learning solo’s, practicing live shows etc…not seeing this as having any musical merit.

  40. The way I see it, mcenroe has always done things a little differently so I’m not surprised to hear him experimenting with new ideas. We liked disenfranchised because it was unique. So is this.

    What city is this shot?

  41. I only Like Rap and only listen to rap! What ever happened to only likeing Rap?

    Anyways I like the song and the video. In my books it is rap because that is what Rod has his roots in and is what he makes. Sometimes it just comes out sounding like this. I mean you can debate genres all you want but in my opinion it is rap maybe too left field for some.

    I think the most important thing here is the amount of people that care about this! It is nice to see people still care about music period! I look forward to hearing the record!

  42. Yeah chaps I am floored by 60 responses on a thread, positive or negative. Thanks to everybody for taking the time to check it out.

    I did a myspace with a few more tracks to be checked out, so feel free. Three other songs from the album are there, not the final mix but will give you an idea of what the record is all about.


  43. I completely understand what R. Bailey is saying when it comes to not feeling as though rap is enough when it comes to self expression. Rap is the shit. It’s the one music that I can say introduced me to a world of different music. It is my single most influential music when it comes to me making music or doing art. But when on stage or in the studio if I only rap I feel like I am suppressing little pieces of my soul. I believe that we’re all mostly in this to be sincere when presenting our audio pictures to people. So suppressing aspects of ourselves seems counter productive. We’ve sat down Roddy… needless to say rock on. I wish you much success. Who gives two shits whether I like it, feel indifferent to it or don’t like it. However, i understand what your longtime fans are saying in terms of being exposed to this new ish for the first time. If this is you, this is you. Do you……..still one of my favorite people to argue with.

    Song structure, the appreciation & examination of such and such pop song, we’ll talk about that ish again. ez.

  44. I didn’t love the track per se, but it wasn’t due to style or hip-hop standards and it also wasn’t because it was wack. I could easily enjoy this style of music (in addition to being rap hero of the galaxy) and it’s executed totally competently, it just didn’t connect with me. There’s something I don’t like about the specific synths used and that’s on me.

    On the other hand, I’m entranced by the video and RIVETED by the conversation here, because this is one of those cases where the ideas and motivations say more (to me) than the work of art itself.

    As a guy who’s always been in bands and messed with real music (ha ha) in addition to rap, one thing I know all too well is that it is A MILLION TIMES HARDER to condense a thought into a few words than it is to grind it to death and talk circles around it for five minutes at double-time. When this song is placed for me in the context of an artist trying to find that voice, to deal with his ideas succinctly and with lucidity, I’m way more interested. Maybe it’s just because I can relate to that endeavour, and maybe other listeners can’t be expected to be interested in the same things, but…

    even though I don’t feel like bumping this song, I appreciate it and I’m glad I checked it out.

    And this video is fantastic and I don’t think that’s getting enough mention without someone saying “…but…” after it. Although the lipsynch is obviously the most effort-intensive part, the bits at the end with traffic going by are surreal to look at because they somehow convey the feeling of a still image in motion – I guess because a frame rate that low and an exposure time that long are almost never paired with sharp focus and high resolution in moving images?

    I could watch that for a long time in a row.

  45. thought it was all rad. change is hard for everyone. If you’re having a problem with the song only imagine what mcenroe went thru!

  46. l like the video, the track will most likely grow on me after a couple of listens.

    Peoples who argue with birdapres are dead to me.

    P&C are sick.

    If you can’t deal with experimentation and/or a new path, you suck at life, barring a severe mental dissorder.

    everyone is ALLOWED their opinion
    and wow i’m dead to an anonymous message board poster
    i’m really hurt by your comment.

  47. l like the video, the track will most likely grow on me after a couple of listens.

    Peoples who argue with birdapres are dead to me.

    P&C are sick.

    If you can’t deal with experimentation and/or a new path, you suck at life, barring a severe mental dissorder.