October 25, 2010

Roughneck Jihad (of Third Sight) – E Pluribus Urine

Roughneck Jihad (Third Sight) - E Pluribus Urine

Roughneck Jihad – “E Pluribus”

Roughneck Jihad – “Re-Fundamental”

E Pluribus Urine is a new album by Roughneck Jihad (of the group Third Sight), with production by Raggedy Andy and featuring D-Styles, Luke Sick, and Insomniac. You can preview the whole album at soothsayrecords.com and buy it from most digital retailers.

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  1. wow. thanks for posting this! had this album for a bit and jihad is my favorite mc! third sight album is coming sooner than later i hope! can’t wait.

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