Oct 25, 2010

Roughneck Jihad (of Third Sight) – E Pluribus Urine

Roughneck Jihad (Third Sight) - E Pluribus Urine

Roughneck Jihad – “E Pluribus”

Roughneck Jihad – “Re-Fundamental”

E Pluribus Urine is a new album by Roughneck Jihad (of the group Third Sight), with production by Raggedy Andy and featuring D-Styles, Luke Sick, and Insomniac. You can preview the whole album at soothsayrecords.com and buy it from most digital retailers.


  1. Avatar Balzac

    this is great news. third sight was great.

  2. There’s actually a new Third Sight album recorded too, it’s in post-production right now.

  3. this lp is great,go get!

  4. Avatar deejay emoh betta

    wow. thanks for posting this! had this album for a bit and jihad is my favorite mc! third sight album is coming sooner than later i hope! can’t wait.

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