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February 12, 2013

Shock G Explains Why Saafir is Bound to a Wheelchair


Shock G breaks down the sad series of events. full-story here.

Update: Why is the rap internet not questioning why Shock G strangely doesn’t mention Saafir’s spinal tumor/cancer as the cause of his paralysis? According to several interviews from 2006-2007 (here, here, and here), Saafir clearly mentions the tumor and surgery to remove it, so it’s puzzling why a detailed article all about why he’s in a wheelchair would leave out such hugely important facts. Doesn’t it seem more likely that the tumor/cancer has returned, rather than bad drugs and bad diet being the main cause?


Survived TWA plane crash at JFK scheduled for Frisco. Engine blew during take-off, skidded-out sidewayz off the runway, came to a stop, and after a few seconds, burst into flames.

Saafir was the first one off, but he jumped before the slide fully inflated and wound up jolting his lower back as his feet hit the ground beneath the thin material. It was a Boeing DC-10, so it was hella high-up (..like jumping from a 3rd floor apt balcony).

Afterwards he refused hospital assistance (“I’m aight”) ..in a hurry ta catch the next plane back to the bay.


At a d.u. photo shoot in Jack London Square (oakland) for Rappages mag, showing-out for the writer & photographer, he jumped onto the metal steps of a moving train that was goin faster than he anticipated. So when he jumped back off 2 blocks further, he hit the street with a snap, causing him to run violently faster than humanly possible for the first few steps to keep from scrubbing on camera, ha. He pulled it off, but it looked craaazy, and for the rest of that day he kept holdin his lower back and whispering ”Damn, I think I fucked my back off again blood”.

1994 thru 1999:

He popped hella ecstasy without drinking the required water to protect the spine from dehydration.

full story here

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  1. We’ve been talking on the ugsmag facebook wondering why Shock G never mentions anything at all about Saafir’s spinal tumor.

    From Wikipedia:
    Good Game: The Transition (ABB Records, 2006). The album covers the major transitions throughout his life, most notably his spinal tumor, and his conversion to Islam.”

    Has anybody heard that album?