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February 11, 2015

Sole Launches New Label: Black Box Tapes and Free Compilation – The Shape of Things to Come


We are based out of Denver, Colorado. A city that is one of the many front lines of urban conflict and class warfare. We draw our line in the concrete here. We throw our middle fingers in the air and make sure the subwoofers are turned on.

The aim of Black Box is to encourage artists that agitate, experiment, and innovate. That doesn’t mean we won’t put out music that is simply beautiful, for beauty has the power to inspire.

To begin, we will release music from long time friends, mostly electronic and hip-hop artists, because this is where we come from, what we understand. Moving forward we hope to encourage forms of music we have never heard.

We know anything worth doing is worth starting small. More than anything, we want to provide an alternative to the currents we see in the dominant culture, to provide lines of flight.

This is the shape of things to come.