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August 17, 2010

Sole – Spring Offensive Vol. 1: Nuclear Winter Remixes

Sole - Spring Offensive Vol. 1: Nuclear Winter Remixes

Download: https://www.circleintosquare.com/item/spring-offensive-vol-1

A new free remix album from Sole, based on last years Nuclear Winter Vol. 1 album.

Spring Offensive Vol. 1 is a remix album, and an experiment in user submitted web 3.0 technology. It is also a phrase lifted from pedestrian’s gmail status, which marks a new post modern high for the guerrilla rap artist sole. Many people were confused when sole dropped Nuclear Winter Vol. 1 last year, and heard him making anarchy/worker anthems out of pop rap hits. A few people wanted to remix tracks, so a remix contest was opened up. The content rings as true today as it did a year ago when people exclaimed, “its too soon in Obama’s presidency to criticize him.” Today the American Empire crumbles all around us. The democrats show they are toothless and paralyzed, while bigots and nationalists have taken over the airwaves. HOPE is dead and the age old idiom rings true, “it doesn’t matter who you vote for – the government always gets in.” The world is burning, thankfully sole brought us all seitan recipes for The Last Great American Barbecue.

1 Introapocalypse (Purify remix)
2 Push It (Bit tuner remix)
3 Every Day I’m Hustling (Unconventional Science remix)
4 Bigger Picture (Purify Remix)
5 Love Me No More (Ingo Remix) w J-Swag
6 My President (Fraud Fix Remix) w Jared Paul of Prayers For Athiests
7 So The Rich Can Sleep (Andreas Remix) w Solillaquists of Sound
8 Where They Put My Flag On (Leif Kolt Pizza and Terror Remix)
9 Heartless (A Thomas Remix)
10 Mow us Down (New Scientist Remix) w JSwag
11 Technology (Edison Remix) w Ceschi Ramos
12 Juicy (White Mountain Remix)
13 Swagger Like Us (Ulle Kamelle Remix)
14 July 2010 Outro (Unconventional Science)