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August 20, 2009

Swollen Members – Armed to the Teeth

Swollen Members - Armed to the Teeth

2 leaks from the new Swollen Members album Armed to the Teeth, dropping October 13th and featuring La Coka Nostra, Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne, Krondon, Saafir & Phil Tha Agony.

Download: “Warrior”
usershare.net | mediafire.com

Download: “Red Dragon” Remix feat. Moka Only
usershare.net | mediafire.com

Message from Mad Child:

It’s been a crazy few years for not only me, but also Swollen. I was in a very bad state for the last three years; drugs and an abusive lifestyle had gotten the best of me. I was severely addicted to Oxycontin, doing just over twenty 80mg pills a day, which equals the strength of about 320 Percocet pills. I became public enemy #1 with the cops due to my association with Hell’s Angels and other clubs and was under constant surveillance with wire taps, etc. There was a time when I couldn’t leave my house without being confronted by the cops. At least 3 or 4 police vehicles would show up every time I left the house. And with a diet of two quarts of ice cream a night, I gained a lot of weight and slipped into a very dark place. I was basically living in my theater room for the last two years and spent over half a million dollars on pills. I wasn’t paying attention to my business affairs either so I lost two million dollars over the course of my addiction. I went from living the high life with girls, money and parties to watching movies in my theatre and being a zombie with only my dogs to keep me company. What I now realize is that I put the lives of many people on hold during my addiction. There are a lot of people that count on me and I know I let them down. Thank God I have a studio in my house and an amazing group who never abandoned me. The only good thing that came out of the last three years is the album we are about to drop.

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47 Responses

  1. Haha, nice sob story Mad Child… kinda like a mini-recent-Eminem. Your so cool and crazy awesome for the pills and recovery! wow so cool! boo hoo.

  2. I admire his honesty and his emotionality. I don’t like Mad Child or his music, but that letter absolves him of most of my disdain.

  3. yeah, I was hoping for/expecting like a dope Red Dragon Part 2 type thing, not a complete jack of the original…

    Not going to get my hopes up for this one.

  4. Mad child should try popping 40-60 Oxycontins. Then he would finally be dropping some dope, and dropping a dope at the same time.

  5. just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for auto tune abouse, them you hear warriors.
    this is is worse then touching your toes.

  6. wow that was torture listening to this shit. blow your motherfuckin brains on the front seat.. have you ever even shot a gun???
    I actually threw up in my mouth when i herd that auto tune hook.

  7. wow that warrior track was audible poop (Poop meaning Bad not Poop meaning good) That letter made it worse, seemed like a glamorization of his drug abuse/connections to HA.
    “I fuck white bitches, make love to Black ladies” and that hook/beat is whack sauce. Prevail’s verses are alright tho

  8. Waaa!!!!! I’m rich and sad!!!! Waaaa!!!! I need the aprroval of 15 year olds!!!! Waaaaaa!!!! I need attention! Love me! Waaaaa!!!! I fuck hot chicks but still feel empty! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! So I do drugs and hang out with gangsters who are just as emotionally immature as I am!!!! Waaaaaa!!!!!! I’m so cool, but I’m not happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaa!!!!!!!! I’m an emo fag! Waaaa!!

    Angry baby needs to get over himself.

  9. I can’t seem to download the tracks….they can’t be that bad, that they were removed, can they?
    Madchild continue your hopeful new journey……

  10. you all said it best. but what these songs tell us as canadian hip hoppers is: we need to get off our asses, stop shit talking and make canadian classics that the world can all agree on. come’on ya’ll! get in the lab, make some canadian heaters, and show the world.

  11. yo and i just read mad child’s message. i mean, that takes a lot of courage actually. props to him for getting over the addiction and using his time productively. i bet its not easy to get out of trouble and then make a banger album. good luck to mad child in his future endeavors

  12. I’m sure most of you would have done the same shit if in the same position. I dunno, that Mad child letter does have marketing ploy written all over it though

  13. i see where youre comin from, none of us know until we are in a scenario what we would actually do, but i’m quite confident that this is not what i would do. i might get very long hair, holes in my clothes, eat poorly…. but never that lifestyle.

  14. Sorry, but most of us wouldn’t spend half a million dollars on Oxycontin pills and hang out with some wack ass biker gangster rapper old guy. Or get into a position where we are crying about the police shadowing us every time we step outside.

    Only douchebags do that sort of thing.

  15. I’m confused, they used the same beat and Moka’s verse from the original track ‘Red Dragon'(200…2??) yet it’s called a remix? This album is going to be more retarded(as in bad) than that other album with the Todd McFarlane cover which similarly came with a letter from Madchild. The letter was in the liner notes and it explained the release wasn’t really their 4th album but album 3.5 and a compilation of their best to date. Swollen is bullshit.

  16. ^Hate to correct you on something so trivial, but you’re mistaken. The one with the letter in it is not the album Heavy with the Todd McFarlane cover. Their “compilation” album number “2 and a half” Was Monsters in the Closet, which contained the letter from madchild, and also the original Moka Only solo “Red Dragon” song.

  17. Monsters in the closet was ill. Swollen still has potential, i haven’t given up on them yet.

  18. I like swollen members, they have repped canada pretty hard for an obscure(when they started) underground hip hip act and have put out some pretty good music. people are just jealous of there success

  19. everyone spits fire in that warrior song and the beat is sick so stop hating cause you have nothing better to do with your pathetic lives and try to make some shit of your own if your so nuts.albums gunna be nuts props to battleaxe.

  20. Why is “Criticism” always misconstrued as “Hate”? Swollen ain’t livin up to they full potential with that “warrior” track plain and simple. The beat/Madchild’s verse R WEAK in my opinion, that’s all.

    “Black Magic was unnecessarily hated on” 100% agreededing

  21. ya, criticism isn’t hate, Balance was one of the best albums to come out in Canada ever, and the single that preceded it was bangin, both are still ill. look, all I’m sayin is they can keep trying as long as they want, and if you like what they put out now, that is your opinion and I respect that. I can definitely say that I do not consider what they have to be success in the REAL hip hop world. they had some fire back in the day and I wish them nothing but the best in the future. however, I will never sit back and appreciate garbage simply because they were good when they first dropped. Swollen – I wish you both success in your future endeavors.

  22. I thought that when GorJus posted the lyrics “I fuck white bitches, make love to Black ladies” that it was a joke. It wasn’t…and MadChild follows it up with “I get head from hookers with no condom I’m that crazy”


    Auto-tune chorus on top of it???

    “Warrior” is terrible.

  23. One last thing…both songs Mad Child mentions these hipsters wearing pink shirts looking like “faggots”…now, I agree with him to an extent but…I am wondering what is up with this jacket:


    I have a lot of respect for Swollen Members and they certainly have released a few heaters over time. I am not anticipating this record though I can tell you that much.

  24. That jacket is the kind of jacket you can hide a couple AK-47’s inside and still look fly.

  25. warrior may have sucked but i heard a few more leaks 🙂
    look on youtube for a song called kyla…its amazing!!!! old school swollen for sure
    but i heard a track called bollywood chick feat tech n9ne is alright epic beat but the verses are alright
    reclaim the throne is dope in parts weak in that tre nyce’s part
    why the hell is he part of swollen now?

  26. this shit is garbage… tre nyce sucks. what a shitty addition to the group.. i use to like them before they added tre nyce