Nov 3, 2008

The Pharcyde and Aceyalone – “What Time Is It?” [video]


Video featuring Fatlip and Slimkid Tre (from the Pharcyde) and Aceyalone. Produced by Yeti Beats and directed by Alex Robertson-Dworet .


  1. awesome!

    im glad pharcyde is gettin back together!
    song is dope!

  2. Avatar max prime

    fatlip just kills it at the beginning.

  3. Avatar heywoodjablome

    this is fucking ill!!!!
    what is this gonna be on???
    nice to see acey rap again, that reggae album was bunk as fuck.
    i need this song.

  4. Its going to be on a Yeti Beats compilation album with tracks from Kool keith, Bushwick Bill, Sen Dog, Sizzla, Jr. Reid and a bunch of others.

  5. Avatar chadp

    really sick its all about the fatlip verse

  6. this is sick as fuck. fatlip is back.

  7. Avatar shortcut kid

    Yeah dope as! Fatlip rips!

    It’s the same verse he recorded on the track “pessimists like to party too!” with Aussie Hip-Hoppers Muph & Plutonic, from their 2006 album “Silence the Sirens”… Which you should all check out!

  8. da pharcyde is baackkk

    ill sonnngggg


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